hubert scheibl

Hubert Scheibl, Austrian Contemporary Artist, Between Abstract and Bold art

The prominent Austrian artist redecorates the Belvedere’s Orangerie

Celebrated as one of Austria’s most prominent contemporary artists, Hubert Scheibl uses vast canvases to create his signature abstract landscapes, oscillating between impenetrable, mystifying and sensual. His abundance of shapes and multitude of dimensions draws the observer in, confronting the limits of the visible. Particularly notable is Scheibl’s affinity for soft lighting, suggesting a profound feeling of spatiality.

Making lavish use of color and space, Scheibl’s work contrasts starkly with the intimate surroundings of the Lower Belvedere’s Orangerie. Curated to highlight previously unfamiliar aspects of Scheibl’s work, paintings are deliberately placed on walls that seem restrictive and low given their intrinsic vastness. The conflicting setting is orchestrated to be disruptive to the viewer’s eye, complementing the artist’s style.

Studying under Max Reiler and Arnulf Rainer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Hubert Scheibl was a member of the Neuen Wilden, a loose group of artists from the 1980s best known for their life-affirming and subjective style, breaking with the then prevalent neo-expressionism. Scheibl’s work has been shown at a number of international exhibitions, such as the Biennales in Venice and Sao Paolo.

Lower Belevedere/Orangery
3., Rennweg 6
Daily 10:00–18:00; Wednesdays to 21:00

Nov 9-Feb 5

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