Ever since our ‘Good Life’ Issue, Katya Hooker finds something new to be grateful for in this city every week

I only notice how much I appreciate Vienna water when I come back from the States. Just thinking about the smell and taste of chemically treated and fluoridated water makes me gag. In Vienna, we’re spoiled. It’s literally mountain spring water. From the Alps, no less. Back home, I would pay $5 for a bottle of H2O with a weaker resume than Vienna’s tap water. And it makes a difference in so many ways: tea and coffee taste better, soup obviously, and that’s not even getting into the joys of a shower that doesn’t reek of chlorine. Just writing these words made me thirsty for a nice cold Glaserl.

The relatively unknown MA31 manages our water here, and even throw a Wiener Wasser Fest, which is great for kids every June. The City of Vienna proudly states that its water remains virtually untouched, traveling to the city without pumps, flowing through 30 Aquaducts that partly follow the old Roman routes before reaching the city limits. You can even go hiking along the route from Kaiserbrunn to Mödling.

We’re lucky this city cares so much about its water and we get the benefits. Prost!