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Editor's LetterMost of us at METROPOLE were third culture kids (TCKs). Maybe we still are, but nowadays that’s nothing special.
Authorities (i.e. Wikipedia) define TCKs as “children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.” As TCKs, some of us felt enriched and like better, or simply more interesting people. Others felt displaced, homeless, or even cheated of a real childhood.

According to the International Organization for Migration, an expat moves abroad every 44 seconds. The majority of the world’s population has children, so it can be assumed that in the time it took you to read this far, another child has become a TCK. Our numbers are growing ,and rapidly. Understanding how to make the most of this diversity will become ever more important. So we look to the educators, who will be increasingly challenged in balancing the needs of natives and newcomers, creating a culture of acceptance and celebrating variety.

This may sound like a PR slogan for international education, but if we’re honest, every school and university – public or private – will face the same problem. Just look at our Quotes Stats & Numbers, where we examine the origins of kids at Austrian schools. In our Cover Story, we look at the way the international school system attempts to give TCKs a global structure for their education. Our four international family profiles show their diverse approaches to multicultural child-rearing. But moving to Vienna doesn’t mean your kids have to leave the home culture behind. In our How-To article we look at ways to keep your culture, through language, playgroups, sports or special traditions. Then we meet one of Vienna’s most recent startups (founded by three expats), a success story, which is getting kids to “speak” -Robot.

You can read about the science behind multi-lingualism, or our book -review of Language Shock, about how speaking and understanding a language are not the same thing.

We’ve compiled plenty of exciting events, dining and nightlife hotspots and April’s fill of cultural highlights in the second half of the magazine. With spring finally here, we’re inviting you outside, with our City Life primer on the 250-year-old Prater park as well as our Grätzl, featuring Pötzleinsdorf in the 18th district. Don’t miss our On Sale feature on fashion for cosmopolitan kids and the Last Word by an adorable 6-year-old TCK, Aodhan.

Whether this is your first, second or third culture…

don’t be a stranger,