It seemed to happen overnight. Without taking issue with the economic status quo, we, the consumers of the interconnected world, wanted to do business with each other. Instead of getting products from companies, we wanted to get them from one another, with as little hassle as possible.

We are surely the clever ones – cutting out the middleman. And how argue against it? In terms of convenience, sustainability and diminishing excess, it has heaps of bene ts.

While people sell their handmade jump ropes on Etsy, rent their apartments on Airbnb and book an unlicensed driver’s car on Uber to get to their co-working space, many ask where this will lead the economy. How do we tax these kinds of exchanges, or should we tax them at all? Will most of the profits land in the pockets of the platforms? Are they the new middlemen? These questions are far from answered and we won’t possess the audacity to claim that we do so in this issue, but they do give food for thought.

How will our careers and companies change with what is called the “sharing economy”, or “collaborative consumption?” Is our need to o er our property to strangers a sign of desperation, of unsatisfactory salaries and fear of commitment, or permanency? We look at this question in a number of ways throughout this November issue.

We’ve collected Quotes, Stats & Numbers (p 10) on the idea of using instead of owning, specifically in Austria and Vienna. In our cover story, “The Sharing Game” (p 12), we look at the trend and analyze its implications on how we live our daily lives. We have spoken to Viennese people in our Profiles (p 24) about the reasons for choosing the living space they rent and in our How To feature (p 26) we look at ownership of property in Vienna, both as an investment and a home. The Science & Technology feature (p 32) is about an exciting new line of study in which animal species are digitally rendered to be examined in more depth and with more accuracy from anywhere in the world. Finally, we asked one of the co-founders of the flea market app Shpock, Armin Strbac to have the Last Word (p 66) about the trend.

Vienna wants to share so much with you, so as always we’ve compiled the best and most scintillating goings on about town in the second half of the issue, to give you the best chance at enjoying what November has to o er.

Whether you’re an owner, a renter, a user or a sharer, we ask one thing and one thing only.

Don’t be a stranger,