Editor’s Letter | Do you Know What Eudaimonia Means? | October 2017

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Photo: Michèle Pauty

When Aristotle taught the concept of The Good Life, he called it Eudaimonia, meaning the kind of life one would like to live, or simply, happiness. Some experts say a more apt translation is “human flourishing,” which seems to fit well with Vienna. So how have you been flourishing lately? Have you been eating like royalty, drinking like a fish and been forgiven for being 15 minutes late (the academic 1⁄4 hour)?

We asked our readers to tell us how they live The Good Life in Vienna and have received great letters and adorable videos, which you’ll find on our social media channels. As far as we Metropolitans are concerned, we have a special kind of good life. Most of us chose to be here or landed here by accident and decided to stay. I think this gives us a Eudaimonic edge. We notice more of the good things, the things that make us “ flourish.” It’s the grass-is-always-greener syndrome, just that we’ve jumped the fence.

To celebrate our immense luck and the countless people – today and throughout history – who have contributed to making Vienna home to The Good Life, we look at the little (and big) details that make us flourish in cities in general and in Vienna in particular. We found people who create The Good Life, in the form of wine, music, helping the homeless or connecting the lonely. In pursuit of a better life, some regions in Europe are seeking independence, while at home in Austria voters have to rethink their party affiliations in light of rapid recent political change.

For many they are a decisive factor in a person’s perception of their quality of life: Pets. We look into Vienna’s love affair with their animals in “How To … Keep a Pet in the City”. For some, supporting progress and seizing opportunities are signs of a good life, whether it’s rediscovering the meaning of that overused term “work-life balance”, or being one of the scientists to make the Star Trek “holo-deck” a reality. Sometimes it’s as simple as a change of scene, like a trip to the Vienna Woods, or further flung, to Los Angeles as in our fashion spread.

In our On The Town pages, we have some treats in store. From the Weltmuseum, which just reopened its doors, to the Viennale film fest, this year featuring Vienna’s own superstar Christoph Waltz as the guest of honor.

So get geared up for October, rediscovering indoor seating, saunas and comfort food. Don’t miss our vital Last Word, leiwand. If you don’t know what it means, ask a local.

You know the drill: Don’t be a stranger,

Margaret Childs
Margaret (Maggie) Childs is the CEO and Publisher of METROPOLE. Originally from New York, Vienna has been her home since high school. She is known for non-stop enthusiasm, talking too fast, inhaling coffee and being a board member of AustrianStartups, where she helps entrepreneurs internationalize. Follow her on Instagram @maggie_childs and twitter @mtmchilds.

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