As the Beatles said, when cynicism and sarcasm don’t get the better of us, that warm, gooey emotion – Love with a capital L – can really be all we need.

Editor's Letter
Photo: Michèle Pauty

The feeling is so personal, like a fingerprint, it carries bits of the emotional DNA of each of the people involved. Why we love whom we love is often a mystery, even to us, but its mere presence can lift us to new heights, evoke euphoria and, when unrequited, drag us down to the darkest places imaginable. At the very least, it reminds us that we are alive.

In almost every era of human history, civilizations have attempted to organize love, to tame it, to arrange it. Even today, we don’t seem to have grasped the nature of intimacy or how to nurture the conditions in which human beings can thrive together. But we’re getting better at it.

There’s proof in our Cover Story, detailing the evolution of the gay scene and pride movement in Austria, it examines the vast strides the country has taken over recent decades and what being gay in Vienna means today. We’ve also compiled some surprising Quotes, Stats & Numbers (p18) on love, marriage and fidelity in Austria and the world. We had a Melange (ok, it was a Weißer Spritzer) with Julian Wiehl, the creator of the progressive men’s magazine Vangardist, an award-winning publication and a pillar of Vienna’s gay community.

And what would love be without being “in love,” the romance, the desire, the uncontrollability of it all. We look into recent psychiatric research on anti-love biotechnology and how scientists are treating love as an addiction.

If one phenomenon reflects what it’s like to be young and single, it’s the dating app Tinder. We sent a reporter on some undercover swiping. Even when you’ve found your mate, who said anything about exclusivity? We’ve delved into the Wiener Tradition of some hanky panky on the side and investigated Viennese infidelity.

Once we’ve decided whom we want to be with, the fun is just beginning, as we find out from Wendy Williams the author of The Globalisation of Love.

For our Profiles we spoke with a Standesamt officiant and a wedding photographer about having that special day over and over and to a drag queen and sex shop owner about working on the edge of taboos.

Relationships don’t always work out, and good people can end up in abusive partnerships. We’ve written our How To Stop Domestic Violence, with advice on how to protect yourself, what your rights are and where to get help.

Our fashion spread took us to the notorious Hotel Orient, which has seen and not told many a heated and turbulent tale of lust.

When it comes to love there is really only one Viennese expression you need, so check out our Last Word (p89), G’spusi.

June is going to be a hot and busy month, so prep your schedule with the Metropole selection in our On the Town pages (pp 45–75) and in our events calendar. Start your summer out right, enjoy Vienna Pride, share some love with your fellow Wiener and, whatever you do,

don’t be a stranger,