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Editor's Letter
Photo: Michèle Pauty

One of my earliest memories is something my father said. I was having a tantrum after a fight with a classmate. “She’s just stupid!” I said, in my 5-year-old fury. “Be patient,” my father said. “You can learn something from everyone.” While this did nothing to assuage me, it has been a constant companion in my life since. It‘s perhaps what enabled me get what I did out of the various schools and teachers throughout my upbringing. Oh yeah, and that girl who was so “stupid”? Facebook tells me she just became partner at a prestigious law firm. Go figure.

Expats and global citizens repeatedly find themselves in situations that require learning and further education, formal or otherwise. Language courses, certification and familiarization with cultural cues are part of every nomad’s life story.

Our editorials are teeming with thoughts on the past, present and future of education in Austria and Central Europe. We also met with Buse Özgöde, Austria’s National Board VP of the student organization AIESEC for a Melange. For a look into where Austrian education stands in international comparison check out our Cover Story, or the Quotes, Stats & Numbers we’ve compiled.

We look into how organizations plan to educate the “lost generation” of displaced refugee children in our International feature. We spoke to the University of Vienna, Wikimedia, Whatchado and Das Biber for our Profiles (p24). And for do-it-yourselfers we’ve compiled a How To on modern-day learning.

Vienna has been a famous incubator for ground-breaking scientific research at many points in history, and today it’s approaching that status again, as you can read in our Science feature. Bringing that innovation to market is not something that Austria has excelled in however, which is what the AplusB organizations are trying to change. We also have a Business feature for you on Michael Conrad’s inspired approaches to teaching leadership to creative minds. Don’t miss our book reviews on educational insight in How We Learn and Freud’s sordid affair with Minna Bernays in Love in Vienna.

Feast your eyes on this month’s Style section, which we shot at the Vienna University Library. We’ve put together a detailed preview of the Viennale Film Festival and in preparation for the Erste Bank Open we met with the players of the Hobby Tennis Tour and give you the low-down on the pro tournament, so you’re game-ready.

Of course we haven’t stopped providing a curated selection of Vienna’s best events and attractions for October, with everything from Shakespeare to Halloween pumpkin carving.

So keep your eyes and minds open, try to learn from everyone and whatever you do,

don’t be a stranger,