English Cinema Vienna | Our Top 5 Picks

Getting tired of wanting to go to the movies, only to discover that you still don’t speak German? We got you covered.

  • English Cinema Vienna.

Many of us Austrian millennials learned English not only in school but by binging TV shows or films in their original language. It became sort of cool and at some point, it actually became embarrassing if you were honest enough to admit that you still watched movies in deutsch.

We watched English films because:
  • they came out earlier than the German versions.
  • … we were thrilled to understand a language that was not our own.
  • … we got sick of the same voice actors dubbing our favorite characters on multiple TV shows, confusing us and making us wonder where we knew that voice from.

Fortunately, Metropole has you covered! Here is our list of movie theaters that either show only English-language movies or international fare with subtitles in English or the original language of the film, for our international cinephiles.

  1. English Cinema (Vienna) | Haydn

Family-run 1912 4-screen cinema complex screening current English-language movies without subtitles.

  1. Artis International

The cinema has free lockers in the foyer. You can use them for a deposit of 50 Cent or 1 Euro.

  1. Votiv Kino de France

Built in 1912, the Votiv Kino is one of the oldest still existing Viennese cinemas. It was taken over by its current owners in 1986, equipped with two additional screening rooms and repositioned as an art house cinema.

Movies are shown in original language and either with original or English subtitles (check before purchasing a ticket).

  1. Burg Kino

The Burg Kino in Vienna, founded in 1912, is one of the oldest cinemas worldwide. Ever since the silent film era, the Burg Kino has shown the chief works of the most important directors (C. Chaplin, B. Keaton, F. Lang, F.W. Murnau, S. Eisenstein) and was one of the first cinemas in Austria to implement the change from silent to sound film.

  1. Filmcasino

The Filmcasino was founded in 1911 and had a reputation for having the strictest ticket seller in Vienna. He gave young people who wanted to smuggle themselves into forbidden movies sometimes even a lifelong ban. Today, the cinema shows new European and Austrian films, independent films from all over the world, documentaries, programs for families on weekends and special screenings with specific themes.

Movies are shown in original language and either with original or English subtitles (check before purchasing a ticket).


And because it was only released yesterday, here is the new James Bond movie trailer:

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