Metropole’s picks for public viewing of the 2016 European Championship

(listed in district order, 1st – 23rd):

Flanagan’s Irish Pub
Irish pub popular amongst “home-nations” fans, with traditional British pub meals, a good beer selection and flat-screen TVs.
Free entry, open for all matches
1., Schwarzenbergstraße 1-3
(01) 513 73 78


Photo © Richard Taylor
Photo © Richard Taylor

Indoor and outdoor viewing options at the bar/club on the Danube Canal.
Free entry, open for all matches
1., Donaukanal (at Augartenbrücke)
(01) 533 75 25




Kursalon_Bild-199-bearbKursalon Hübner
A 21m2 LED screen outside on the terrace of this lovely location in the Stadtpark – or in the Leharsaal in case of rain. Waltz your way to victory!
Opening Hours: Mon–Sun, 11:00–23:00
1., Johannesgasse 33
(01) 713 13 33




A vast 100m2 LED screen, plus 5 other big screens in the beautiful surrounds of Vienna’s Rathausplatz. Film and music festival screenings and a huge selection of food stalls are also available at the city’s biggest fan arena.
Free entry, 11:00 – 24:00 daily, open for all matches
1., Rathausplatz
(01) 319 82 00 0



Kolariks_IMG_7258Kolariks (Luftburg)
Public viewing with stadium atmosphere on 14 screens, featuring food, drink, competitions and events sponsored by “Alaba’s favorite,” Paulaner Münchner Gold.
Free entry (“Private public viewing” packages are available at Kolariks Himmelreich location)
Open for all matches
2., Prater 128, Waldsteingartenstraße
(01) 729 49 99


PratersaunaPratersauna (Sauna Strand Klub)
Open air LED screen at the Sauna Strand Klub beach bar, restaurant & pool, in the famous Prater park.
Free entry, from 12:00 daily, open for all matches
2., Waldsteingartenstrasse 135
0664 2502022



strandbarrhermann_dsc_1468Strandbar Herrmann
Sun-drenched outdoor screenings at the Danube Canal’s biggest sandy beach bar.
Free entry, 10:00 – 02:00 daily, open for all matches
3., Herrmannpark (on the canal near Schwedenplatz)
0688 8666036




Four Bells
Live multi-screen football coverage indoors with Irish pub atmosphere, pub food and plenty of non-smoking and smoking areas.
Free entry, open for all matches
4.,Schleifmühlgasse 2
(01) 585 47 85



4 big screens and 8 flat screens, indoor and outdoor viewings in the U-Bahn bogen bar/club.
Free entry, open for all matches
8., U-Bahn Bögen 29-32, Lerchenfeldergürtel
(01) 407 93 09




Altes AKH / Stiegl Ambulanz

Public viewing courtyard with LED big-screen, offering various bars and restaurants including Stiegl Ambulanz.
Free entry (additional VIP packages available)
Opening hours: 08:30 – 24:00 daily
9., Alserstraße 4
(01) 402 11 50




charliepsCharlie P’s
Irish pub/restaurant with HD screens, English commentary and a special Euro 2016 brew.
Free entry
Opening hours: Weekdays from 14:00, weekends from 13:00, open for all matches
9., Währinger Straße 3
(01) 409 79 23




grelleforelleGrelle Forelle – “Canal de Goal EM- Lounge”
with large open air terrace next to the Danube canal and video walls for match screenings.
Free entry (Additional VIP packages available)
Opening hours: Open for all matches
9., Spittelauerlände 12




Watch every game live by the canal with cold beer on one of Summerstage’s many open air “mega-screens”.
Free entry
Opening hours: Open for all matches
9., Roßauer Lände 17
(01) 315 52 02




FM4’s official EURO 2016 EM-Quartier with open air courtyard screenings and indoor options. Live music events, bars and food stalls available.
Free entry, open for all matches
9., Währingerstraße 59
(01) 401 21 0




Hauptbanhof_CF024914Hauptbahnhof Fanzone
The north forecourt at Vienna’s central rail station will feature a 10 meter LED screen, food stalls and room for up to 2000 viewers, as well as some special events in between the match play.
Free entry, open from 14:00 on match days only
10., Südtirolerplatz/Gürtel
(05) 17 17




Stadion Hohe Warte (Care Energy Naturarena)
Big-screen open air stadium match viewings, with live music and open air Kino events.
Entry from €3
Opening hours: Open for all matches (Live music before KO on 14th of June)
19, Hohe Warte, Klabundgasse 11
(01) 368 61 36



Aspern_Public-Viewing-2Aspern Nord U2 Station
(public viewing at Urbanes Feld)
It may be practically halfway to Bratislava, but this new viewing location (presented by Strandbar Herrman) promises to be mega fan-friendly. Three Outdoor LED walls, 25 international food stalls.
Free entry, open for all matches (Achtung! Except for Fri and Sat nights, the last U-Bahn back into town leaves at 23:58)
facebook page
22., Ostbahnbegleitstraße 50
0650 7172841