april, 2019

06nov(nov 6)10:0028apr(apr 28)18:00Wes Anderson

30nov(nov 30)10:0028apr(apr 28)20:00Painting With Method

06dec(dec 6)10:0028apr(apr 28)18:00Into the Great Outdoors

25jan(jan 25)10:0019may(may 19)18:00City of Women

30jan(jan 30)10:0026may(may 26)18:00Chinese Whispers

01feb10:0005may(may 5)18:00Bosch & Legat

15feb(feb 15)10:0023jun(jun 23)18:00Flying High: Female Artists of Art Brut

16feb(feb 16)10:0010jun(jun 10)18:00Liechtenstein: The Princely Collections

23feb(feb 23)10:0008sep(sep 8)18:00Pattern and Decoration: Ornament as Expression

01mar10:0002jun(jun 2)20:00√úber das Neue: The Young Art Scene in Vienna

01mar18:0003apr(apr 3)23:00Nicolas Roeg Retrospective

16mar10:0016may18:00Vienna 1900

20mar(mar 20)0:0030apr(apr 30)0:00Vienna Blues Spring

20mar10:0020apr18:00Foto Wien

22mar(mar 22)20:0010jun(jun 10)18:00Future Scenarios

25mar(mar 25)10:0006oct(oct 6)18:00Dorit Margreiter: Really!

29mar(mar 29)19:0012apr(apr 12)23:00The Old Man and the Gun

01apr9:3004(apr 4)13:00Advanced Storytelling with Lauren Kessler

01apr20:0013(apr 13)22:00Musical!

01apr20:0023:00April Fools' Switcheroo

02apr(apr 2)9:0003(apr 3)20:00Anon Blockchain Summit

02apr10:0020:00GovTech Pioneers

04aprallday06Forward Festival

04apr18:0020:00Praline Workshop

04apr20:0022:00Liminal Zone: The Metallic Chamber Concerts #3

04apr20:0022:00Think & Drink Pub Quiz

05aprallday21Easter Markets

05apr(apr 5)10:0021jul(jul 21)19:00√Čdouard Baldus: Transit and Monument

05apr(apr 5)10:0015may(may 15)18:00TechnoCare

05apr16:0018:00Contemporary Art for Everyone!

05apr(apr 5)19:0026(apr 26)22:00The Aftermath

06aprallday08julOskar Kokoschka

06apr(apr 6)10:0007(apr 7)17:00Vienna Comix 2019

06apr10:0012:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream

06apr(apr 6)10:0008jul(jul 8)18:00Oskar Kokoschka: Expressionist, Migrant, European

06apr(apr 6)10:0007(apr 7)17:00Schneiderei/Tailoring Market

06apr(apr 6)19:0007(apr 7)3:00Dancer Against Cancer 2019

07apralldayVienna City Marathon

07apr9:0013:00VFN Flea Market

07apr14:0020:00Soulful Sundays

07apr14:0020:00Soulful Sundays

08apr17:2018:20Yoga at the Augarten

09apr(apr 9)10:0011(apr 11)19:004Gamechangers Festival

09apr14:0016:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream


11aprallday14Styrian Spring Festival

11apr(apr 11)19:0013(apr 13)22:00Amadora Llama

11apr20:0022:00Think & Drink Pub Quiz

12apr8:3018:00Journalists under Attack

12apr(apr 12)9:3014(apr 14)18:00Raritätenbörse (Rarity Exchange)

12apr14:0016:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream

12apr(apr 12)19:0027(apr 27)22:00Wildlife

13apr10:0012:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream

13apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

13apr19:0022:00Red Bull BC One Cypher 2019

13apr19:0023:00The Comet is Coming

14apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

15apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

16apr10:0012:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream

16apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

16apr18:3021:30Women & Code: Javascript Workshop

16apr19:0023:00Bob Dylan

17apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

17apr19:0023:00Bob Dylan

17apr20:0023:00Eddie Izzard: Wunderbar

18apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

18apr14:0016:00Earth & Soil

18apr20:0022:00Think & Drink Pub Quiz

18apr20:3022:00Monty Python's Life of Brian

19apr10:0012:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream

19apr14:0016:00Allerlei Rund ums Ei / All About the Egg

19apr(apr 19)19:0017may(may 17)22:00At Eternity's Gate


19apr20:0021:00Full Moon Swimming

20apr14:0016:00Calligraphy Like Never Before!

23apr10:0012:00Space for Kids ‚Äď When Robots Dream

23apr17:0019:00Brexit - Where will Europe go from here?

23apr19:0022:00Music From Ukraine and Around the World

23apr19:0022:00Kunstschatzi with Expats

23apr19:0021:00Crises in the Arab World

24apr13:0017:00Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

25aprallday26Electric Spring

25apr(apr 25)10:0009sep(sep 9)18:00Critical Care: Architecture for a Broken Planet

25apr(apr 25)18:0026(apr 26)0:00B√ľroschluss Afterwork Party

25apr18:3020:00The Borders of Europe: Beginning or End of a Success Story?

25apr18:3022:00Metropole April Salon 2019

25apr20:0022:00Think & Drink Pub Quiz

26apr16:0018:00Tea Talks: Music of My Life

26apr(apr 26)19:0012may(may 12)23:00King of Thieves

26apr(apr 26)19:3028(apr 28)22:00The Bruno Kreisky Lookalike (Chapters 4-6)

27apr9:3012:30Creative Writing On the Go with Paul Malone

27apr11:0019:00WAMP Design Market



28apr14:3018:00Ted2019: Bigger than Us

28apr19:3022:00Chilly Gonzales

29apr19:0021:00Europe: How we see the world

30apr(apr 30)10:0019jan(jan 19)18:00Red Vienna 1919-1934

30apr18:0020:00Restraining Great Powers

30apr(apr 30)19:0015may(may 15)23:00Jewish Film Festival 2019

april, 2019

04apr20:0022:00Think & Drink Pub Quiz