FAQs on the European Parliamentary Election

Quite a few people are still unsure how the EU Election voting system works. Our correspondent Jacob Lasser gives the following brief outline of the essentials.

  • If you are an EU citizen and currently living in Austria, and want to vote for an Austrian MEP, you must be registered on the electoral roll in Austria. That means you must have your main residence in Austria at least 72 days before the EU Elections.
    • If that is the case, you have two options to vote:
      • 1. You can vote via voting card (for people who are unable to vote on the day of the election, due to illness, traveling etc.). In order to do so, you can apply for this letter online or via postal mail by May 22nd, or personally by May 24th. To apply online, go to:  https://www.wahlkartenantrag.at/
      • 2. You vote personally in your local magistrate on election day – May 26th. You should have received a letter by postal mail with the address of your local magistrate.
  • If you are an EU citizen and currently living in Austria, and want to vote for an MEP from your home country, please go to https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/residence/elections-abroad/european-elections/index_en.htm  to find out how the voting process works in your home country. Each EU Member State has different voting regulations, so make sure you are aware of the requirements.
  • If you are an Austrian citizen residing in Austria, you can vote either personally on the day of the election (May 26th) or via Briefwahl or Wahlkarte. More info here: https://www.bmi.gv.at/412/Europawahlen/Briefwahl.aspx https://www.wahlkartenantrag.at/
  • Non-Austrian EU citizens, who want to vote for an Austrian MEP in the 2019 EU Elections, must have submitted an application for registration in the European electoral roll by March 12th, 2019, and (as mentioned before),must hold their primary residency in Austria.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact him directly, responding to this post: [email protected]

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