What is the METROPOLE Membership?

We launched our exclusive METROPOLE membership program, which not only includes an annual print and digital subscription, but also Augmented Reality (AR) content and access to our MET member zone with plenty of extra perks, as well as invitations to our bi-annual special events, the METROPOLE salons and entry to our exclusive partner events, as well as gifts!

Starting in February 2019, you’ll see more current news online, with videos and weekly newsletters to keep you abreast of the most important local news and events, selected just for you.

– 4 print issues (March, June, September, December)
– Personalized weekly news updates
– Digital access to current content and our archives
– Free dining and entertainment experiences in Vienna
– Invitations to exclusive partner events
– Invitations to special MET events
– Access to augmented reality content
– Gifts for membership renewal
– Access to MET member zone
– Ambassador program

But there’s more: One of the many advantages of the MET membership will be special seating reserved for Metropolitans at our many partner restaurants around Vienna – you’ll never have to worry about getting a table again.

Why am I getting the newsletter?

When you subscribe, you are automatically signed up for three newsletters:

  • Our weekly newsletter provides you with a short overview of current news and the coolest events that are happening in your home town, Vienna. It is a crisp overview of all that might be interesting for METROPOLITANS, so you don’t have to speak perfect German to be up-to-date every week.
  • The seasonal newsletter notifies you when your next METROPOLE magazine will arrive in the mail and gives you insights into the stories of our current issue.
  • Our event newsletter keeps you up-to-date about the awesome METROPOLE events we are hosting, whether it is the monthly METROPOLE Salon, our bi-annual special events or other event formats we are whipping up in our METROPOLE kitchen. You wouldn’t want to miss those.

If you would like to unsubscribe from one or more of the newsletters, you can find the button at the bottom of each respective e-mail. 

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept credit card, PayPal and SEPA payments .

I’ve changed my shipping address, what should I do?

Please send an e-mail to subs@metropole.at and notify us of the change. Make sure to do this before the 20th of the month when you wish to switch addresses.

How do I access my digital subscription?

If you have ordered a digital subscription, it will be available as soon as your payment has gone through. So if you didn’t pay by credit card, make sure to make that direct transfer tonight.

You can find instructions on how to access your digital subscription here.

I cannot login into my account.

If you have problems with your login, please don’t hesitate to contact us: webmaster@metropole.at

I didn’t get my METROPOLE and it’s already the 4th of the 5th of the month. Am I missing out on something?

Don’t worry. As Billy Joel said, “Vienna waits for you,” and we begin the METROPOLE season on the 7th of the respective month. So, if you haven’t received METROPOLE by the 7th of March, June, September or December, please shoot subs@metropole.at an e-mail. We’ll send you a fresh copy to your verified mailing address and send our team of mean search dogs to the post office to sniff out what went wrong.

Why is it taking so long for my FIRST METROPOLE to arrive?

Depending on what time of the month you ordered your subscription, you may have missed the cut-off date for the magazine delivery. The cutoff date is the 20th. If you particularly wanted to get the most recent issue, just send us an e-mail at office@metropole.at and we’ll adjust your subscription’s start date.

Why are there four instead of ten issues a year now?

We’ve received so much positive feedback from our readers, but many have trouble finding time to read METROPOLE each month. That’s why we’ve decided to make it seasonal and keep journalistic quality high.

Beginning with the Spring issue in March 2019, the METROPOLE print edition will be bigger and encompass relevant topics for the entire season, including quality news analysis and insights on how to make the best of life in Vienna. We also enhanced our stories with additional layers of augmented reality (AR) content and beefed up our online reporting on current issues and our offering of newsletters.

This also allows us to adapt to a fast-paced world of digitalization by greatly expanding our capacity to create timely and relevant online content. We’re bringing METROPOLE to the next level by constantly improving our services to meet the needs of our METROPOLITANS.

We love meeting you face-to-face and you’ve told us that this is one of your favorite parts of being a METROPOLITAN. Therefore, we have put an emphasis on creating more opportunities for our community to socialize at partner events and discover Vienna. For this reason, we are also introducing an Ambassador program, so stay tuned for more information.

How do I change my print subscription to a digital one and vice versa?

Just send an e-mail to subs@metropole.at and we will change your subscription.

Will my subscription automatically get renewed?

If you used your credit card to purchase your subscription will be automatically renewed if you don’t cancel it.

I ordered one of the Vienna Survival Guides or another book from the METROPOLE online shop . When will it arrive?

We send out orders as soon as possible. When you receive the confirmation of your order, that means the book is on its way. The book should arrive within 3-5 business of the confirmation.