After financing his first two shows at MQFW through Crowd Funding platforms, the Guatemalan-based Fashion designer Juan Carlos Gordillo is now presenting his works in Vienna for the third time now. We asked him about his inspiration, the importance of Crowd Funding for young and upcoming designers and how MQFW helped shape his career.

Tell us about your new collection and the thoughts behind it?

This new collection is based on my personal perception of how society currently functions. I’m observing a society full of fear, lacking hope, sometimes chaotic, where everyone seeks to assign blame without realizing that we ourselves often hold much of it at present. But instead of pointing fingers at others, my only aim is to leave a message letting each person form their own opinion.

More specifically, I am trying to show women how to survive in this chaotic society, forging a strong character and giving her the strength to get ahead. The outlines of the collection are cuts with a masculine tendency, mixed with a touch of femininity. I also support reusing fabric, a philosophy that I stand for which is part of my style.

© Andreas Zopf

How important is Guatemala’s culture and history when it comes to designing your collections?

Honestly, it does not influence me in any way. I’m Guatemalan, true! But my heritage has no hold on my inspiration. While I do have great deal of respect for my country, we live in a global world with many different themes for me to choose and draw from.

Crowd funding has changed the fashion scene. As a crowd funding fashion pioneer, how important do you think such models will be in the future for independent fashion designers?

Crowd Funding can be a good option to seek support, especially in the beginning of a project. For a newcomer or unknown artist it’s very difficult – if not impossible – to find sponsors. So Crowd Funding is a way to help with that. But it takes a lot of effort to convince people to fund your campaign. And you’re still going to need some friends to reach your goals. In my case, only a few people I didn’t know took part in crowdfunding me.

fashion week vienna
© Andreas Zopf

How has MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK and Vienna affected your career and influenced your design?

I cannot express how thankful I am for the support and trust of the team and the opportunity to show my work as a designer and fashion artist at MQFW. I learned a lot as a person in the past two years of participating at MQFW, but also how the fashion scene works. I have never participated in a Fashion Week that is so professionally organized as in Vienna. To me, it’s the perfect platform to show my work and Vienna is known as a cradle of culture after all.

© Andreas Zopf

What are your plans for 2018?

To me, it’s clear that I will come back in 2018 for the 10th MQVFW-Anniversary. I already have an idea for my next collection, but it’s still a secret!

If you want to know more about Juan Carlos Gordillo’s latest collection, his show will take place on 16.09.2017 at 19:00 check out MQFW for dates and details.



Photo: Zopf-Photography KG / Andreas Zopf

Make-up and Hair: Cramazing Visagistik by Bernadette Baier

Model: Kerstin Lechner

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