I got sick and tired of constantly asking Viennese waiters, “Is this gluten-free?” So I put together this gourmet’s guide to worry-free, gluten-free Vienna

Schnitzel, dumplings, and vitrines teaming with tempting pastries are omnipresent in Vienna; however, it can be hard to enjoy the local cuisine when one suffers from a food allergy, sensitivity or an intolerance. Luckily, things have improved greatly in the past few years. Now, all restaurants are legally required to divulge any food allergens for every offer on their menu. Dishes containing gluten are designated with the letter “A,” however not all glutenfrei meals are created equal. For those possessing a more discerning palate and who are unwilling to settle for flavorless and dry alternatives, we’ve got you covered! Below is a list of the top 10 destinations to eat gluten-free in Vienna.



Gasthaus Nestroy

2., Weintraubengasse 7 (map)
(01) 58 11 346
Mon–Fri 10:30–23:00


Satisfy your cravings for traditional Wiener Schnitzel at this wonderful Gasthaus. You can even enjoy your meal with a gluten-free beer from Gusswerk!



Gasthaus Zum Wohl*

6., Stumpergasse 61 (map)
(01) 595 31 66
Mon–Fri 10:30–23:00; Sat–Sun 9:00–23:00


This restaurant boasts a 100% gluten and lactose-free menu. With a selection of traditional, local, and seasonal specialties, as well as gluten-free beer, It is the perfect place to dine worry-free!


Ristorante Pizzeria Scarabocchio

8., Florianigasse 3 (map)
(01) 405 27 27
Mon–Fri, 11:00–23:00; Sat–Sun 17:30–23:00


With its wood-burning oven, this is the place to go for a traditional Italian pizza. Their gluten-free crust is spot-on and you can even finish your meal with homemade gluten-free tiramisu!



Allergiker Café*

4., Wiedner HauptstraĂźe 35 (map)
0699/1212 14 21
Tues–Fri 9:30–19:00; Sat 10:00–16:00


This aptly named cafe caters to those with all manner of food allergies, including gluten intolerance. Treat your taste buds to their incredible gluten-free Sachertorte or swing by for a wonderful weekday lunch special at this quaint, mother-daughter run spot.


El Burro

4., Margaretenstrasse 9 (map)
(01) 585 06 99
Mon.-Fri. 11:30-22:00 & Sat.-Sun. 13:00-22:00


Tacos and burrito bowls packed with flavor can be devoured at this casual Mexican restaurant. The corn tortillas are gluten free as are most of the filling options.


Blue Orange

4., Margaretenstrasse 9 (map)
(01) 581 17 70
Mon–Fri 7:30–22:00; Sat–Sun 9:00–21:009., Alserbachstrasse 1 (map)
(01) 908 15 04
Mon–Fri 7:00–22:00; Sat 8:00–22:00; Sun 9:00–22:00


This cafe offers gluten-free plain bagels with all of the trimmings!

O-M-K Take Out

2., PraterstraĂźe 16 (map)
(01) 212 36 48
Mon–Fri 11:00–21:00; Sat 12:00–21:00


Grab some sushi on the go at this location run by Mochi, located across the street. Simply ask for some gluten-free soy sauce when you order and enjoy.


 Cupcakes Wien

8., Albertgasse 17 (map)
(01) 726 10 89
(other locations: 8., Josefstädterstraße 17 and at Mumok)
Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00; Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00


Have your cake and eat it too, with a variety of delectable gluten-free cupcakes.


Easy Going Bakery

7., Burggasse 20 (map)
0680 / 124 60 50
Wed–Fri 13:00–19:30; Sat–Sun 13:00–19:00


This bakery bakes almost everything gluten-, lactose-, and soy-free. Enjoy their cute as well as flavor packed cupcakes and cake-pops.

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*All gluten-free kitchen.