From our Readers | December/January 2017

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Dear Metropole staff,

(In response to several Facebook posts regarding Metropole in various expat social media groups)

We’ve been Metropole subscribers for over a year now – actually since we were featured as an expat family with young kids in your magazine. Just thought I would tell you how much I adore your product. You are all incredibly good at what you do, and the result is stunning, illuminating and useful each month. I get excited when I see a new issue. Even your ads are almost shockingly tasteful and relevant. But the main magazine content is spot on. Accessible, interesting – even directly useful in many cases. Just a quick thanks.

In part this was provoked by a Facebook group (Foreign in Vienna 2) today in which a member asked if Metropole was useful for expats. Someone responded that they thought it was mostly for tourists, which provoked in me a visceral negative reaction. You’ve done waaay too much good work in and around this vibrant city for that to be allowed to fly unchallenged.

Anyway, keep it up. I’ll keep recommending you to everyone I know here.

David Peranteau, via e-mail

Facebook status,

(In response to several Facebook posts regarding Metropole in various expat social media groups)

Metropole: A magazine about #Vienna in #English. It comes with a mindset different from native Viennese media. Attitude is “here is something which could interest you and I present it in an interesting way. While all native Austria/Vienna media are naturally grumpy/negative (“granteln”), this one takes the Anglo-Saxon gentleman approach of “even if it sucks, let’s see why and drink tea while talking about it.” #positivenews #positivemedia #expat #IchBinEinAuslandsösterreicherAufHeimaturlaub

Leo Sauermann, Facebook

To the editor,

(In response to “My People are Your People,” MET November, 2017)

Many thanks for the good read on our neighbors and, more particularly, on identity. Personal identity can have deep meaning for some, especially those who find themselves in a foreign country as an expat, a “foreigner,” a refugee or a temporary resident here. To belong is a natural desire for most and to be threatened if you don’t fit is to make one’s life miserable. However, there can be a less serious side. As an Aussie living in this beautiful country, I have experienced the funny side… I was once the public affairs officer in the Australian Embassy in Washington DC. It took me a while to realize that people confuse Austria with Australia. It started when I would take a phone call and the caller would say, “I love your mountains. Tell me about your beautiful country.” I would ask “You are not talking about Austria are you?” followed by, “Of course I am!!” “Well you have called the Australian Embassy.” Silence. Click. My opposite number in the Austrian Embassy became a friend as we exchanged numbers and occasional mail. If you want to find the identity of some Aussies here in Vienna take a look at:

Brett Bayly, via e-mail

To the editor,

(In response to “Don’t Call me Tüte,” MET November, 2017)

When I think of German speaking states I think of Sesame Street, Germany as Bert, Switzerland as Ernie and Austria as Oscar the Grouch.

La F Ham, Facebook

To the editor,

(In response to “Don’t Call me Tüte,” MET November, 2017)

Austrian don’t “hate” the Germans, we just laugh at their strange vocabulary and pronunciation (north of Bavaria); what we really hate is being lectured by them… ;).

Martin Muchitsch, Facebook

To the editor,

(In response to “Not in the Cloud,” MET November, 2017)

Surprisingly while going by CAT into the Musikstadt Wien (regular weekly) I flip through your feature of CD still alive and find not one tiniest side nod on vinyl. Haven’t you heard about the exploding regain of vinyl sales with physical formats for audio? Haven’t you let your readers from any country learn about the largest record player – for vinyls of course – production in the world founded a decade ago by Vienna’s Heinz Lichtenegger? If you want to enjoy your “true” Schumann, Bruckner, Beethoven or Mozart go and look for a Vinyl release, brandnew stamped or used doesn’t matter. You’d find yourself on the luckiest side of listening ever 🙂 Audiophile greets from a business traveller!
PS: like your Zine THAT much :-). Continue please your good job spreading fancy articles from Vienna to the world.

Matthias, via e-mail


(In response to the web article “I’m Grateful for the Hottest Seat on the old Tram“)

Everyone loves a toasty tooshie in winter!
The Hot Box Girls Wien / Vienna, Facebook

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”

Marcel Proust, French novelist, critic and essayist
in À la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time) (1913)

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The Editors
This was written by the Metropole editorial Team. Sometimes its an expat, sometimes a native, most of the time the lines are blurred, and sometimes we're sharing someone else's content, but we always say so. Oh yeah, and buy our magazine! Thanks.

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