The Coen Brothers Take on the Dark Side of Suburbia

George Clooney and the Coen brothers make a 1950s confidential

Peeling away the idyllic veneer of 1950s America, Suburbicon follows two families in the eponymous postwar middle­class neighborhood. While the African­American Meyers are met with hostility and bigotry upon moving in, their white neighbors, the Lodges, are spiraling ever deeper into a sinister plot of escalating violence. Yet Suburbicon barely takes notice, far too busy rioting over the Meyers’ presence. With a script written by the acclaimed Coen brothers (Fargo), director George Clooney (Good Night and Good Luck) crafts a deliciously black comedy full of inept criminals and prim hypocrites.

Starts Nov 10, Burg. 1., Opernring 19.

Corinna Berger
Corinna Berger
is an Austrian-American born in Tyrol, currently living in Vienna. After dabbling in Austrian Law she is currently studying Journalism and Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences FH WKW.

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