Good Friday… Or is it?

The European Court of Justice ruled (January 22nd)  that Austria is guilty of discrimination on the grounds of religion, as under the county’s law, Good Friday is the luxury of only four minority churches. Following a complaint made by Private Detective Markus Achatzi claiming his employer failed to pay him extra for work he carried out on the holy day back in 2015, the Austrian Supreme Court turned to the ECJ in a request to assess whether or not the nature of this national law is discriminatory. In conclusion it has been stated by the ECJ that “Until Austria has amended its legislation, in order to restore equal treatment, a private employer who is subject to that legislation is obliged also to grant his other employees a public holiday on Good Friday.” Whether or not the government will choose to act on it only time will tell.

Eden Vered
Born in Israel in 1995, Eden grew up in Japan and worked as a classical violinist until joining Metropole as social media Assistant and journalist.

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