Uber eats Vienna

Goodbye! Uber (no longer) Eats in Vienna

On Valentine’s day, Uber broke our hearts. They have officially announced on their blog that Uber Eats will no longer operate in Vienna starting on March 8.

The popular food delivery service started operating in Vienna two years ago. They are direct competitors to Foodora, as well as Mjam and Lieferservice.at. The reason for their withdrawal from the market is that they did not grow as much as they had predicted.

Not only is it sad that this service will no longer offer delivery, but their delivery staff will lose their jobs as well. Meanwhile, Mjam is not losing any time grieving the loss of their competitor, and is actively approaching the Uber Eats staff to board their team.

Mjam and Foodora are both subsidiaries of Delivery Hero, a food delivery company, which just announced that in Austria, Foodora will no longer exist separately from Mjam. Foodora will be renamed MjamPlus, therefore making it an extension from Mjam. The reason why Foodora is leaving the Austrian market, is that Delivery Hero wants to focus solely on one brand in Austria.





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