It’s getting colder, and sometimes, the cold just won’t get out of my feet and hands when I’m walking around the city – no matter what I do.

So my gratitude knows no bounds when I get on one of the old trams still operating on the ring, and I manage to grab that one seat with the heater that is trying its hardest to heat up the whole wagon. You know which one: that monstrosity that would never, ever pass energy (or safety) standards today. If you sit there too long, you could very well burn your rear. Since some people avoid it, it’s often not occupied. But when the deep chill of a Viennese winter sets in, it feels oh-so-good when you finally get on after standing still for 10 minutes. As the new models are gradually introduced in 2019, this will be a moment lost forever – but at least the new models will be easily accessible for all.