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Do words like “Wechselkursrisikoabsicherung” make banking in Austria sound like a nightmare to you? Instead of spending your time wrapping your head around the meaning of terrifying terms like Kontoeröffnung or Zahlungsauftrag, wouldn’t you prefer to have a bank that – literally – speaks your language?

Erste has offices in seven countries, so they understand the banking needs of international people. From offering the best financial tools to simplifying cross-border transfers, Erste helps you spend more time doing what matters to you.

Erste’s customer service representatives focus on providing personalized service and flexibility, to make sure you get what you need – no catch, no hassle.

Make an appointment to see what Erste can do for you:

Maximilian Meznik, maximilian.meznik@erstebank.at

Erste Bank Graben 21, 1010 Wien

We at METROPOLE are proud partners of Erste Bank because we believe in their goal of providing international citizens and entrepreneurs with the services and products they need to make Austria a comfortable home and powerful business location.