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Metropole is a product of the independent publishing house Home Town Media, which – like many other small businesses in Austria – is currently struggling to survive. Now we turn to you, our loyal readers and subscribers, with the request to support Metropole – Help Us Help You. Let’s make sure this international city can keep its independent international voice in media. Your support will make all the difference!

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Metropole is Austria’s leading English-language media outlet publishing online and in print. With our daily news, quarterly magazine, events, and guidance, we have helped millions of people get settled, better their lives, and discover new things in Vienna.

We are happy to curate the country’s culture and Viennese city life for international readers, but now we need you to Help Metropole. We are an independent media platform and our mission is to serve you with the latest news, day after day but we succeed, first and foremost, thanks to our loyal readers, subscribers, and supporters. The coronavirus has increased the need for independent journalism, but it has also undercut a major revenue source of news organizations, ours included – advertising. 

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