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In these turbulent times, we are there for you, every day. Now we need your support to keep it up.

When we founded Metropole, we wanted to help people feel at home in Vienna and explore everything the city has to offer. Little did we know we would one day tell them to stay at home, for everyone’s safety.

We knew an English-language media house had potential – more than 500,000 people across Austria speak better English than German. We also understood that our readers want and deserve more: a community, events, guidance, special offers, unique reporting, all giving them new ways to discover the city. We diversified, the way many media companies have in the 21st century.

We could do that, first and foremost, thanks to our loyal readers and subscribers – every subscription matters.

And yet, in these last two weeks – when our editorial team worked over hours, day for day, to keep pace with the breathtaking speed the world around us was turning upside down – what really kept us going was knowing that you count on us.

You can count on us.

So we made sure we were – and are – there for you.

In so many comments, shares, likes, reactions and questions, you let us know that what we do as a news organization is not just appreciated, it’s also needed. That it helps you navigate the vagaries of this new and uncertain time, dominated by the coronavirus, but also by society’s reaction to it.

As Austria’s leading source for news in English, our mission is to keep you informed, so you can stay safe. That’s why all our coronavirus coverage for free, available to anyone who needs it.

  • The latest news on the coronavirus, updated daily.
  • A growing anchor page dedicated of resources, articles and updates on the situation.
  • We made our content open access, so that other media outlets can use it in their coverage.

We are happy and proud to be your resource in this crisis and will continue to provide this heightened day-to-day support as long as necessary.

But just as the coronavirus has increased the need for independent journalism, it has also undercut one major revenue source of news organizations, ours included – advertising.

So today, we ask you to support us.

Strong media and independent journalism are built on the shoulders of subscribers.

Right now your day is probably split between consuming news media like Metropole, video-conferencing software, music and your series or movie of choice. How many of those do you pay for? I bet you subscribe to Spotify and Netflix, the co-working software, probably even Amazon. 

We ask you to also support your local news source for as little as €4 a month.

If you believe that everyone needs to stay informed not just those who already speak German, subscribe today! For as little as €30 a year with a digital subscription or €75 for a print & digital package, you’ll be part of the community that puts that belief into action all year round.

You can also simply leave us a donation.

We will continue delivering daily news, updates, articles, and guidance to you.

Help us help you.

Thank you!

Benjamin Wolf,
COO & Managing Editor of Metropole

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Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin studied Journalism, History and International Affairs. After stints with Cafébabel in Paris and Arte in Strasbourg, he is now working as managing editor and COO for Metropole in Vienna. Fields of expertise are politics, economics, culture, and history. Photo: Visual Hub

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