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Türkan Kayra Kopfer is part of the WoV Leadership Team. She volunteers for the Events and Outreach Team. Kayra is a coordinator, a project and program specialist and a planning officer, but most of all a passionate and impactful enthusiast. She has been working for non-profit organizations for eight years. Kayra is originally from a beautiful Mediterranean city called Mersin, in south Turkey.

What brought you to Vienna and what made you stay?

A career opportunity in the United Nations Office in Vienna brought me here. I used to live and study in Lower Austria and previously in Kufstein, Tirol. The city’s charm, its opportunities and my new social circle made me stay.

How does Women of Vienna play a role in your life?

I love being around empowering women, the friendship we share and our events/gatherings. I grow so much from those conversations with them.

What is the hardest / most frustrating challenge you’ve faced here? How did you overcome it?

The Viennese in particular have a reputation for being a bit grumpy. I learned not to take it personal. In fact, I find it funny now. Viennese outlook on life tends to be more “it’s not so bad” rather than “life is great!”

What makes Vienna special?

Big city opportunities with small town amenities. There are many big city perks such as entertainment options, career opportunities and public transport however, the city still offers many green places, safety and non-pollution as in a small town.

How has Vienna changed you?

Vienna has made me a global citizen. The city’s diversity and cosmopolitan environment put all the other identities such as nationality or world view in second place.

What advice would you give to other women living in Vienna?

The City of Vienna and its municipal offices offer many services in many languages. Do not hesitate to look it up and ask. You have many rights as a resident in Vienna regardless of your citizenship.

Tell us how badass you are! What are you super proud of and why?

Feeling good about myself and life in general is one thing, and I have an infectious energy and enthusiasm. I have the power to make people feel better when I am around.


… female empowerment or diversity quote?

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” – Maya Angelou

… insider tip or advice you’ve received from Women of Vienna?

Learn to say “No” without explaining yourself.

. … escape from the city?

Wienerwald, aka the Vienna woods, perfect for hiking or a trip with the motorbike.

… Austrian blog account?


. … German / Viennese word or expression?

Leiwand – Cool.

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