Home Is Where the сърце Is

Understanding Vienna means understanding all the cultures that make up this diverse city. Vienna is home to people from over 180 nations. Metropole gives them a voice.

Every month we will focus on each community in a stand-along print publication accompanied by videos, online articles, social media takeovers and fun-filled events with delicious food.

Here are the 10 communities:

This content comes from young Viennese journalists with roots in these communities, supported and guided by the Metropole team.

Upcoming Bulgarian Event: May 27th! 

Bulgarian Community

Law, Folklore, and Music – the Many Faces of Nina Wasilewa-Zanechev

Moving to a new country brings many challenges. Here’s how community advice and music help Bulgarians settle in.

Meet Borjana Ventzislavova, Bulgarian Artist Who Spinning on Wheels Around

Raised bilingually in Sofia, and re-established in Vienna, artist Borjana Ventzislavova is a woman of many worlds.

Meet Petar Naydenov, Bulgarian Opera Basso

It was for a place in the company of the Wiener Volksoper that Petar Naydenov came to Vienna from a theatre in Bavaria eight years ago.

Meet Milena Georgieva, Bulgarian Artist & DJ

"How would a landscape with dinosaurs sound?"

Meet Milena Paneva, the Human Factor That Makes the System Understandable

The Bulgarian law graduate works for the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) and gives free consultations on labor and social security law in her mother tongue.

Ivan Krastev – Stretched Between Two Worlds

When national governments closed borders and asked people to stay put at the beginning of 2020, Ivan Krastev and his family decided to go back to Bulgaria.

Being Bulgarian in Vienna

For those moving west from Bulgaria, Vienna has become a favorite destination - a "Bulgarian village" in its own right.

Bulgarian Cuisine ― 3 Must-Try Recipes

They say geography is destiny – the defining coastlines of cultures and languages. But when you get right down to it, what really matters is the food!

Ilija Trojanow – Writing Multilingually in One Vernacular

Language is our wealth, our tradition – and a tool to understand the world.

6 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is home to legends and myths, stories of centuries past, monuments of battles lost and won which all shape the landscape.

A Country of Networkers

Community Lead Pavel Naydenov introduces Vienna's Bulgarian community, the focus of this month's Home Is Where the Herz Is issue.

Meet Miglena Hofer & Severina Ditzov, the Founders of Austria for Beginners...

The two friends decided to join forces. And in 2016, they set up the non-profit organization Austria for Beginners.

Bulgaria and Austria – a Story of Myths & Markets, Sanctuary & Secret ...

The affair between Bulgaria and Austria can be described in many ways. And Vienna is almost always at its center.

Bulgarian Spots in Vienna

But if you plan to cook Bulgarian dishes at home, you will definitely need a good Bulgarian shop to buy some typical products: On Pilgramgasse you will find a Bulgarian shop.

Meet Bojidar Kassabov, a Robotic Surgeon in Vienna

For Bojidar Kassabov, everything began in October 1999. An agreement between Austrian and Bulgarian universities gave him the chance to study medicine in Vienna.

Meet Nadia Varadinova, Purveyor of Delicacies

Now in her 60s, the native Bulgarian had spent most of her life in Sofia, until unimaginable circumstances brought her to Vienna to transform the lives of others.

Meet Aneta Bulant-Kamenova, an Award-Winning Bulgarian Architect in Vienna

How a Bulgarian living in Vienna is building brides between countries and people ― figuratively and literally. Aneta Bulant-Kamenovа

How Wittgenstein Became Bulgarian

Vienna’s Wittgenstein house has become a focal point of Bulgarian culture and arts – and much more.

Social Media & Community Blogs

Blogs from the communities


Romanian Community 2020

You Are What You Speak

When you wander the streets of Vienna, you'll hear a multitude of languages. Over 30 percent of us moved here from abroad, spicing up the local lingo with our accents and dialects. Here's a short primer for how to sound Romanian.

Hungarian Community 2020

7 Austrian Words With Hungarian Origins

Lángos, csárdás, Puszta – Viennese have surely come across these words that found their way from Hungarian into the Austrian vocabulary. Remember them for the next time you want to impress your favorite Magyar.

Commuting Between Vienna and Budapest

It’s Friday afternoon at Praterstern. Eight strangers pile into a small van that commutes between Vienna and Budapest at least twice a day ‐ even during COVID, when regulations allow. It’s much more than hitching a ride.

Meet the Hungarian Voices on Viennese Stages

Founded in 1741, the Burgtheater always had a strong link between language and national identity, but today it stages an international ensemble of artists. Just like the Volkstheater, Vienna’s stages are opening up to Europe and beyond.

Polish Community 2020

Commuting From Poland to Vienna to Pay the Bills

Today, Poles abroad are in a very different situation than in 2004. Their average salary is increasing – and in Austria, it’s the highest of anywhere in the EU. Austrian Poles are also sending more money home than Poles living elsewhere in Europe, as trade increases bring the two countries economically closer

Serbian Community 2021

German Community 2021

Watch What You Say! Where Austrians & Germans Differ

Germany and Austria share many of the same values, and much culture and history. Yet, in spite (or possibly because) of that, the little brother staunchly holds on to a distinct cultural identity – most notably in language, which can sometimes make communication difficult.

Closed Borders Can’t Stop Love

On March 16, 2020, European politicians closed internal EU borders to stop the spread of the coronavirus. It was more than a formality: this massive restriction on interpersonal relationships did not go over easily.

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