How to… Land Your Dream Job in Vienna

An employment consultant with 20 years’ experience has some advice for landing your dream job in Vienna.

Want to work in Vienna? Finding a job as a foreigner may not be easy, and it surely takes perseverance and realism, consultant Andreas Vetr says, but with the right skill set and passion for the job, it can be done.

Vetr, a managing partner at ISG Personal management, an international service provider specializing in human resources consulting, helps companies fill vacant positions, so he knows what they are looking for. “Finding a job you want is a project, and it takes about three to nine months to succeed in your job search,” said Vetr, an Austrian, working internationally in Turkey, the DACH region and other countries.

However, that requires making the search for employment your full-time job. Vetr advises being realistic about your qualifications and marketing approach. Having strong German skills and a great resume may not be enough. Here are some of his tips for getting to the interview stage.


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Don’t hit too many buttons: Be selective when searching job ads. Don’t apply for every job you think you might be qualified for. Read through job ads thoroughly and select those that have true value for you, then sell yourself to the employers you truly want to work for.

Telling your story matters: Your resume should tell your unique story. First, write down everything you have done and achieved in your work life; fill up to 10 pages. Then distill that to a summary of one or two pages. You might have terrific experience and skills, but if you lack the ability to market yourself, you will be left behind. Be creative in how you sell yourself. In your application, tell a story of who you are, not just what you can do. Highlight what makes you stand out, such as your country of origin, languages, cultural or market knowledge. However, Vetr cautions against overselling yourself. Be honest about your qualifications, strengths and weaknesses.

Networking, networking, networking: Make yourself visible. Let people know you are looking. This increases your chances of being noticed by a potential employer or recommended by word of mouth. If you are among those job seekers who are high-level experts but have trouble marketing themselves, a head hunter could help.


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There are a number of Vienna-specific job sites for English-speaking professionals, as well as German sites:

  1. Jobs in Vienna has hundreds of ads for English-speaking jobs.
  2. The job board at Virtual Vienna is a great source for English-speaking jobs in Vienna and all of Austria. 
  3. StepStoneOne of the leading online job platforms for jobs in both English and German. 
  4. The Local includes a job section with listings in English for jobs of all types throughout Austria.
  5. offers Austria’s largest career portal. Jobs are listed in German.
  6. ISG Career has a range of vacancies for German- and English-speaking professionals.
  7. Vienna Business Agency at the Expat Center at Schmerlingplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, can help with free advice on getting settled in Vienna.

Be patient and good luck!

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Jennet Orayeva
Jennet Orayeva is a PR Specialist who has worked with international and intergovernmental organizations in Austria since 2011. Born and raised in Turkmenistan, she combines her knowledge of Central Europe and Central Asia with extensive experience in international development and diplomacy. A skilled storyteller and a technophile with a passion for publishing, Jennet is also a researcher, writer and PR strategist on atomic energy related topics and an expert in ICT tools and leading-edge media for individual and organizational capacity-building.

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