How To Celebrate Thanksgiving in Vienna (Despite Lockdown)

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. A time to reunite with one’s family, without all the stress of the Christmas season. Being far away from your stateside relatives can be sad, yet perhaps a blessing in disguise. Just think: you won’t be tearing your hair out talking politics with your alt-right uncle, be made to feel like an immoral animal murderer by your vegan sister when you tear into that delicious plate of turkey; or listen to folks fight over whether Columbus a hero or a villain.

But being in Austria presents challenges, too.  First of all, the final Thursday in November is not a holiday here, as it has been in America ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it the official day of giving thanks (read: the first day of the holiday shopping season) in 1939.  If you work or study, it’s pretty hard to prepare such a multi-course feast. Most of us who want to celebrate at home with family and friends, therefore, choose to celebrate on the weekend before or after. 

Secondly, preparing an authentic American Thanksgiving feast is a major pain in the butt.  Even if you’ve got a bunch of friends or family to help, it can take days of shopping and sweating in the kitchen to get all that turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies, pies, etc. ready for serving.

Lastly, this year we are presented with the additional challenge of being in a nationwide lockdown (but if you’re reading this, you’re alive: for which we all give thanks). But it’ll take more than a deadly virus to keep us from our favourite yearly binge eating festivities. 

In America, celebrating the holiday in a restaurant or ordering a thanksgiving meal is almost unthinkable. But we’re not in America, so why not take advantage of one of the local offers for Thanksgiving dining, and save yourself all that kitchen drudgery as well!  Here are a few options we’ve come across — certainly not a comprehensive list, so if you’ve got a better tip, leave a comment or drop us a line.

Marriott Hotel on Parkring


Usually, the Parkring restaurant at the Marriott will serve up a “traditional” American Thanksgiving in their lavish dining halls for three. This year they are offering two types of “Turkey to go” – classic and brown-sugar glazed – a take-away package for four or six servings (€98 and €137). And you’ll have plenty of time to order seeing as this is staying on the menu until December 31st.  

Reservations recommended: Call (01) 515 18 6800 or e-mail

Parkring Restaurant, Marriott Hotel
1., Parkring 12A

Frank’s American Bar & Restaurant

Serving single portion menus for € 30 as well as , or a whole turkey for € 210 both come with all the trimmings (cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and sweet mashed potatoes and peas), as well as fine desserts on both Thursday and Friday nights (Nov 25 & 26).

Frank’s American Bar & Restaurant
1., Laurenzerberg 2
Call (01) 533 78 05 or e-mail 



Located across the river in the 21st district, Strebersdorfhof’s chef Sabine Haas has been serving up American Thanksgiving feasts for years. Now you can have her delectable dishes in your own home. For €24,90 you can order a portion of turkey and avail yourself of their side dish buffet containing goodies like glazed carrots, sweet potato mash and brussel sprouts; or indulge in tasty desserts like Brownies (€ 5.20) and Cheesecake (€ 4.50)

21., Rußbergstraße 46
Call (01) 29257220 or e-mail:

Hard Rock Cafe

At the Hard Rocks Cafe’s large restaurant downtown, you can pick up a traditional Thanksgiving menu starting at 11:30 a.m. For € 19.95 you can get a one-person menu or order a two-person menu for 39.90 which includes free pumpkin pie.Hard Rock Vienna Thanksgiving

Hard Rock Cafe
1., Rotenturmstraße 25
Order your tickets here. More info at

This post was originally published in 2016, and updated to reflect new locations and times in 2021.

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