How to Shape Your CV to Land Your Next Dream Job in Vienna

Written by Alexander Zeh

In my day job, I am regularly approached by professionals who are struggling to find their next challenge. They are generally not used to being unsuccessful, and the longer the gap, the bigger the pressure. After awhile, even mature and eager executives wrestle with their self-confidence, leading them to bad decisions, accepting the first offer they receive before weighing all the pros and cons.

If you’re ready to seize your dream job, here’s a tip to help you make the right move. It’s a simple question: What is the purpose of your CV?

That may seem too easy and straightforward, but 90% of jobseekers will give the wrong answer. The most common answer would be that your CV is there to list your accomplishments. That, of course, is partially true; but that is what your CV does, not the purpose of it. Your CV’s singular purpose is to get you the job you want and dream of. A simple truth, but one that many job seekers seem to forget. So be more proactive with your CV and make it a dynamic tool to secure your next career move.

Here is a 3-step guide for finding a job in Vienna:

  1. Sit down and write a rough description of the job you want – before you even touch your CV.

2. Write a job listing for said position, and think about how you would recruit that role.

3. Finally, write a precise and bespoke CV to match the two previous steps, answering any question that might arise.

This does not mean that you should fabricate qualifications on your CV, but narrow it down to what’s truly relevant for the job you are interested in. You may have a huge amount of experience (academic papers, top results coming out of research), but stuffing it all into your CV is counterproductive.

If you take the simple approach, you’ll be able to tailor your message to the recruiter or decision maker who is reading it. As a result, you will experience a higher hit rate and increase your chances of getting the position you want, rather than just rehashing the same role you have always played.

Take action! Write targeted CVs that accentuate why you’re the perfect match for the job in question. If you follow these rules, you will maximize your odds of landing an interesting and rewarding challenge. Do it yourself – no one will do it for you!

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Alexander Zeh

Senior Management Consultant

Mercuri Urval

Alexander Zeh of Mercuri Urval in Vienna works with national and international clients in Austria and the CEE region, focusing one executive search, talent and change management. He specializes, among others, inservice companies, banks, insurances and the tech sector.An academically certified market research consultant and certified insurance specialist, Zeh has professional experience in the consulting industry, particularly in market research consultancy. He also has experience in banking and insurance (Insurtech) and lectures regularly at universities and colleges. He holds a master’s degree in communication sciences and international business administration from the University of Vienna, with a special focus on market research, marketing and human resource management. Fluent in German and English, his hobbies include mountaineering, ski touring and photography.

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