How You Can Support Ukraine from Vienna

Below you will find ways you can help Ukraine, from offering accommodation to dropping off relief supplies or learning more about what you can do that helps Ukrainians most. We will update this list as soon as we receive more information.

*for people providing immediate support and for Ukrainians leaving the country: Resources for Ukrainian Refugees and Supporters is constantly updated informational resources for Ukrainians and people eager to provide support, including news from current humanitarian corridors and open borders, current updates on attacks, medical assistance in Kyiv, how to leave Ukraine by car, and more.

Caritas Wir Helfen is now providing guidance for anyone arriving in Vienna from Ukraine in Ukrainian, English, German languages:

Donations and relief supplies:

Every day from 17:00-20:00, the Greek-Catholic parish of St. Barbara at Postgasse 8, 1010 Vienna is collecting donations and relief supplies (read more in German here). The materials will be brought directly to the Slovak-Ukrainian border. They are looking for the following supplies and more:

  • medication
  • operating lamps
  • microsurgical instruments
  • tools for spinal surgery 
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • walkie-talkies 
  • night vision devices
  • knee pads
  • thermal imagers
  • gloves
  • yoga mats

For ongoing updates on initiatives protests and directions for donating at Postgasse 8, see the stories in this account on Instagram: @cyberb3bi

Footage of Vienna’s evening protest on February 27, 2022. Credit: @cyberb3bi

Starting Monday, February 28, the University of Applied Arts Vienna is accepting donations, and you can drop off your bags at the front door between 10:00-19:00.
Supplies they are interested in include:

  • phone chargers
  • power banks
  • pain killers
  • blood pressure pills
  • camping tents
  • insulin
  • sleeping bags

Buses are leaving to different borders on a daily basis to bring donations to Ukraine and bring people back on busses to Vienna. You can find more information on the Applied Arts university instagram page. Please make drop-offs at this entrance at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 3

🇺🇦 ❤️ Support Ukrainians with accommodation in Vienna 🇺🇦 ❤️

Ukraine now created a database on which Vienna residents can offer a place to stay to Ukrainians by adding your name and email address and subsequently filling out a form you receive by email.

Ukrainians can also use War Help to find information and willing people can offer their volunteer services.

Austria’s Federal Agency for Care and Support Services for Limited Liability Companies (Bundesagentur für Betreuungs- und Unterstützungsleistungen Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) is coordinating neighborhood assistance in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, federal states and civil society to create emergency response for people from Ukraine. If you have a vacant property or premises that you would like to make available at short notice for people fleeing Ukraine, please contact:

IMMO HILFT is an initiative for companies and private people to provide housing for refugees without all the paperwork.

Members of the Austrian real estate industry have called for quick help for refugees coming from Ukraine, by either providing living space or making monetary donations. They currently plan to offer refuge for up to 5000 families. Companies or individuals interested in providing an apartment or empty room can find information here.

Independent Media in Ukraine

Independent media coverage from a wide variety of sources is critical to shedding light on what is both a physical and information war in Ukraine. Please find the GoFundMe campaign led by a consortium including Are We Europe and The Fix, to support independent Ukrainian media.

To find independent coverage of developments in Ukraine, you can follow and support The Kyiv Independent. The Kyiv Independent is an online news website in English, founded by the former editorial team of the Kyiv Post — 30 journalists fired for defending the paper’s editorial independence. They could really use your support on Patreon.  

General support of Ukraine

The Global Shapers Hubs, with support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, is updating the ways you can help in Ukraine, from donations and humanitarian assistance to joining a protest and hosting Ukrainians.

Follow this link to find contact details for the following Ukraine-based projects that are in need of support, including the following:

  • An international fund КОЖЕН МОЖЕ: helping children with disabilities affected by the war. 
  • Ukrainian foundation ЕРИТОРІЯ ДОБРА: helping Ukraine’s army and children living in the war zones Donetsk and Luhansk.
  • United Help Ukraine: Receive and distribute donations, food and medical supplies for Ukrainian refugees, people affected in Ukraine’s ongoing war and for families of wounded or killed soldiers in the war for freedom and independence.
  • Return Alive Foundation: a large charity organization helping on the Ukrainian front 
  • Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund: A UN country-based pooled fund supporting partner organizations on the front lines of response.
  • Territory of Kindness: a fund to support children and the Ukrainian military in the Donestsk and Luhansk regions.
  • Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Caritas

How to support marginalized communities in Ukraine:

  • Ukrainepride and Ukrainian LGBTQ Military: both organizations have joined and remained in Ukraine to join military operations and volunteer.
  • Ukrainian Women’s Guard: prepares women in Ukraine for extreme situations, especially when in a context of war and in need of training and legal aid.
  • Everyone Can Foundation: supplies medical and social help, charity and volunteering for disabled children and elderly persons and assistance to hospitals.
  • Voices of Children: providing psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by war in eastern Ukraine

For all web developers, UX/UI designers and digital security experts in Vienna, sign Tech To The Rescue’s petition #TechForUkraine and get involved!

Europe-wide resources

Emergency Temporary Relocation Resources for artists and cultural workers in Europe: a list with links to resources available by-country for academics, artists and more. It will be regularly updated.

Freefilmers Mariupol: A call for donations to a Ukrainian collective of filmmakers and artists. They are looking for relocation to safer places, medical help and support for basic needs.

If you have any information you would like to add, please contact Metropole at