Hungarian Fashion & Culture in Vienna

Artista is an independent ready-to-wear and accessory brand of three designers, based in Budapest and having tight connections to Vienna since 1993

1., Bauernmarkt 8

(C) Knoll Gallery

Knoll Gallery works in a special structure, with galleries in Vienna and Budapest. The Budapest-based gallery opened its doors as the first private gallery for contemporary art in the post-socialist region in 1989. Both galleries function as a forum, organizing thematical exhibitions, symposia and art tours to towns in Central and Eastern Europe.

6., Gumpendorfer Straße 18

(C) Nanushka


If you fall for vegan-leather skirts or the feeling of ’90s grunge, you have found your label. The shop specializes in comfort, warmth and layering in a contrast of earth tones and unexpected silhouettes in a conscious collection.

1., Kärntner Straße 19

(C) Collegium Hungaricum

Collegium Hungaricum is a scientific institution organizing workshops, but also a cultural institute with colorful presentations of Hungarian artists. It welcomes state scholars living in the unique László Rajk-designed building.

2., Hollandstraße 4

(C) Wiener Christmas Salon

Get a special treat at the Wiener Christmas Salon where every day is Christmas. What else? Your childhood memories awaken by the exhibition, shop, programs and decoration services.

1., Franziskanerpl. 6

(C) Bunte Schule

Bunte Schule Währing

Since 2019 a Viennese Volkschule offers Hungarian bilingual education in the 18th district.

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