The Taste of Hungary in Vienna

Restaurant König von Ungarn

Royal classic Viennese cuisine since 1746 on which Mozart wrote to his father: “I assure you that this is a wonderful place.” as he he lived above the Mozarstüberl in the restaurant and also composed the opera Le nozze di Figaro. The Figaro House, officially named after this opera, is part of the building.

1., Schulerstraße 10

(C) Budapest Bistro

Budapest Bistro

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – JULIA CHILD

An authentic breakfast place. Continental breakfast offers eggs, ham and kolbász (sausage), satisfying anyone hangry for Hungarian. Sweet and savory snacks (try pogácsa! as in the Hungarian folk tales), large warm breads, coffee, various tea blends, homemade syrup, homemade jam and many different specialties.

5., Pilgramgasse 10

(C) Piroschka


“Great things, great reconciliations, great joys are most easily born at a set table…”
What can be more authentic than this name, the Hungarian Little Red Riding Hood (piros is red).
Of course, they talk about paprika and they are not afraid of using it. So, start with a real gulyás then save room for paprikás csirke (chicken) or Hortobágyi palacsinta.
Do not leave without a dessert like somlói galuska or Gundel palacsinta!

18., Gersthofer Straße 140

(C) Kardos Étterem

Short & Sweet

Kardos Étterem

Traditional cellar with exclusive offers where you can actually observe reunions of generals at their usual table.

1., Dominikanerbastei 8

(C) Ilona Stüberl Étterem

Ilona Stüberl Étterem

Intimate inner space for 25 guests, an emblematic Hungarian cuisine since 1957.

1., Bräunerstraße 2

(C) Budapest Bägel

Budapest Bagel

Delicious bagel shop with many vegan options including vegan cream cheese. Only two seats inside more outside and, of course, takeaway.

2., Lilienbrunngasse 3

(C) Szamos Marcipan/ Mathias Szamos

Szamos Marcipan

Excellent cakes reflecting the living spirit of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in a nostalgic, yet cozy, atmosphere.

3., Landstraßer Hauptstraße 72

(C) No Limit Bar

No Limit Bar

Check out the cocktail bar that is one big Hungarian house party.

13., Testarellogasse 37

(C) Meister Lángos

Special Tip

Meister Lángos

If you want to taste the real Hungarian lángos, go to Prater and ask for the garlic- sour cream-cheese version of it! Safer after your dodgem ride.

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