15 Minutes with Kathy Griffin the no-fly List Comedienne

Did you miss Kathy Griffin while she was in Vienna? Kathy Griffin talked to Metropole about what happened after she released her Trump photo, her tour and what she’s looking forward to visiting Vienna for the first time. And let’s face it, she actually interviewed us

What can fans expect from, “Laugh your head off”?

I’m going to start the show with some local material because who knows what you nut jobs will have done between now and then. And then I will tell a story that needs to be heard around the world: The first time in the history of the United States a sitting United States moron — I’m sorry, accidental president. Because it’s supposed to be Hillary. That’s the deal — he decided to use his bully pulpit, which I call the Twatter (I’m just being vulgar.), and do something that’s never been done: Declare a campaign against an American citizen. So you can see that I’m a bitter bitch. I brought my bitterness and my humor to Vienna .

How did your life change after publishing the photo?

The day the photo came out — and I thought that photo would just be another slightly shocking thing that I do. I had no idea that the president would use me to distract from his Russia investigation. It seems like the Trumps have a handful of go-tos and I’m a go-to. If they have a bad day in the press, they call Fox News and they go: Ok, let’s really pile on Kathy Griffin today, let’s imply that she’s part of ISIS. So, that’s their game. And since the photo came out, I still have not been offered a single job in the United States. Nobody will touch me, but my overseas tour is selling out.

A large part of my country has turned on me. Especially Hollywood and people in my industry have turned on me in a pretty dramatic fashion. They act like they don’t really see me. I’m walking through a room of Hollywood people and they all get kind of uncomfortable. Because they know that I’m saying shit that’s true, but they also know that I’m saying shit I’m not supposed to say. But that’s what I love about touring: It’s the one area of my career where I kind of don’t need permission. God only knows what’s going to come out of my mouth in a foreign country. It’s f-cking game-on.

What are you planning to do during your stay and what are you looking forward to?

Eating! I definitely want to try the Glühwein and Apfelstrudel. The food, the architecture, the history. Vienna’s a great city. If I even have an hour to walk around, I’ll grab it. On tours I love getting the vibe of the cities I’m in. Everywhere you go, people are different, everything is different. I want to take all of that in.

Nicolas Kristen
Born and raised in Vienna, Nicolas studied journalism and is now trying to become a good writer and journalist.

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