John Waters Attacks our Decency Live at the Gartenbaukino This September

Cinematic legend John Waters continues his crusade against the tyranny of good taste

Since his seminal releases in the 1970s, John Waters has amassed a litany of dubious monikers: The Pope of Trash, The Sultan of Smut, The Prince of Puke. Such epithets would push most artists into an early retirement, but the producer and director of the cult movie favorites Serial Mom and Pink Flamingos positively revels in them.

For conservative types, Waters’ early work may be little more than a hollow attack on decency, but lurking behind the barrage of comic transvestism, chicken decapitation and lobster rape is rapier-sharp subtext and and a significant flair for social satire. Attacking the puritanical attitudes of 1970s America as hypocritical and outmoded, Waters found them an easy target, ripping them to shreds in the most unexpected way.

Now on tour with a spoken word performance, John Waters’ This Filthy World is an autobiographical commentary on his long career that touches upon multiple intriguing areas: early influences, his move toward the mainstream in the 1980s, his fascination with true crime, his dislike of exploitation films and fashion and, of course, his war against the terror of “good taste.”

Delightfully devious, John Waters proves himself a master standup comedian and storyteller, making this a must for any self-respecting movie buff with camp sensibilities and a strong stomach. Prudes and squares would best stay away!

30 Sep, 19:00, Gartenbau. 1., Parkring 12.

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