Joseph Brot is Bringing the Bagel Back to its Hometown

Producing handmade organically sourced bagels the traditional way is a labor of love: It takes three days just to make the dough and another four to give them that satisfying crunch while keeping the inside pleasantly smooth.

But Josef Weghaupt, founder of the Joseph Brot bakeries, feels it’s worth it, opening a Bagelmanufaktur (bagel factory) right on Albertinaplatz.

Weghaupt entered his bright, luminous new bakery carrying a basket of potato baguettes and wearing a wool cap and a striped sweater slightly dusted with flour. Approachable and gregarious, he greeted everyone coming in with a warm smile, occasionally tasting his own product and joking with his staff. Originally a trained butcher, he founded Joseph Brot in 2009; he has opened five branches in Vienna since, providing the city with high-quality bread, handmade and carefully crafted from seed to counter.

His latest addition seeks to bring the twice-baked Yiddish classic back to Vienna, where – according to some legends – it was invented in honor of Polish King Jan III Sobieski after he routed the Turkish invaders in 1683. Capitalizing on the bagel’s rising popularity with the city’s brunch crowd, Weghaupt decided to create a fresh variation, boiled and baked according to Yiddish tradition, but with some additions of his own.

“It’s all about the rye sourdough. This dough allows it to bake without leaven, making the process natural and the bagel more easily digestible for our body.”
Josef, or preferably “Joseph,” recommends buying one of the three variants available (white sourdough, wild rye or malt-grain), toasting them at home and then filling them with your heart’s desire. The perfect weekend brunch!

Joseph Brot Bakery, Coffee House and Bagelmanufaktur

1., Albertinaplatz / Führichgasse 6

Mon – Fri 8:00–19:00

Sat 8:30–19:00

Joseph’s Gravlax

Joseph Brot Vienna
© Daniel Shaked

Ask your fishmonger for their best salmon fillet – deboned, but with the skin still on. Wipe it with a damp cloth, making sure not to tear the fish.

Cut the fillet into 10 cm long pieces. Chop the parsley and dill. Crush the coriander seeds, black pepper and juniper berries in a mortar.

Combine everything with the salt and sugar in a bowl. Add olive oil and apple cider vinegar and mix until the texture resembles pesto. Scratch the salmon skin (just a little) with a super sharp knife so it can absorb the marinade better.

Layer the marinade and the fish in a bowl: Once finished, the salmon pieces should be completely hidden. Cover the bowl with saran wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Buy your favorite bagel fresh at Joseph Brot Bagelmanufaktur on Albertinaplatz. Halve it, toast it and spread the cream cheese. Slice your homemade gravlax into thin, tender pieces and add to the bagel. Garnish with a slice of beef tomato, some capers and red onion rings.


Serves 1

1 Josephbrot bagel

1 Salmon fillet


To taste:


parsley and dill, chopped coriander seeds, black pepper, juniper berries, crushed

olive oil

apple cider vinegar


cream cheese

1 ox beef tomato


red onion rings, raw

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Claudia Paccosi
Claudia Paccosi is half Italian and half Austrian, studied in Rome and was a journalist for Storyful in Dublin. She loves to see almost everything under a poetic veil, that's why she moved to Vienna, where she can learn to dance Walzer and experience its cold snowy winter.

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