Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin: America’s Most Wanted Comedian is Coming to Vienna!

The celebrated comic tells her side of the “decapitating Trump” affair

Known for snarky observational humor and a focus on celebrities and their stereotypical lifestyles, Kathy Griffin is one of America’s most visible funny people, gaining recognition for her stand-up work and specials with HBO as well as her appearances on television, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, ER, and Suddenly Susan. A two-time Emmy winner for her own reality show spoof of Hollywood, My Life on the D-List, and one of three women to win a Grammy for best comedy album, Griffin also appeared in films like Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms and The Cable Guy. But sometimes, pushing the boundaries can lead to a backlash: A photo showing Griffin holding a Trump mask covered in fake blood like a decapitated head led to U.S.-wide controversy in May 2017, unleashing a storm on conventional and social media outlets.

Not one to meekly submit to censure, the outspoken Clinton supporter and LGBT rights activist is now touring the world with her new show Laugh Your Head Off, telling her side of the story and what really happened between her, the “sitting United States moron” and his “slightly sketchy” family, as Griffin calls them. “He decided to go on Twitter and do something that’s never been done: Declare a campaign against a sitting American citizen,” Griffin argues. “I thought that the photo was going to be just another slightly shocking thing that I do. I had no idea the president would use me to distract from his Russia investigation.”

What followed was a two-month investigation by the secret service, ending with Griffin added to the no-fly list. Laugh Your Head Off will delve into her new life as a liberal pariah and self-proclaimed comedy fugitive as well as the consequences for her career and private life. “A large part of my country has turned on me, certainly Hollywood. People in my industry started acting like they don’t see me when I walk into a room.”

But while her career may have suffered stateside, Griffin’s world tour is well on its way and she is eager to visit Austria. “I’m bringing my bitterness and humor to Vienna,” she promises. Audiences can expect an uncensored and no-holds-barred account of Griffin’s time under investigation, with occasional insights and observations from her life in Tinseltown.

Nov 18, 19:30, Marx Halle. 3., Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19. standupvienna.com

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