As a hub for international organizations and NGOs, Vienna is the venue for countless decisions about global policy. When it comes to the environment, Greenpeace plays a pivotal role.

We asked Alexander Egit, the head of Greenpeace Austria, to tell us where he sees
the biggest challenge for the planet in the coming years.

Dear Readers,

The biggest challenge for the future is climate change. Specifically, we need to drastically reduce our energy demand and decarbonize the energy system. Transforming electricity production to renewable energy – solar-, wind- and geothermal power and biomass – is one thing. Substituting fossil fuels in heat production, mobility and industrial processes is quite another.

If we want to have any chance of limiting global warming to an acceptable level, we need to phase out fossil fuels on the global level by 2050 at the very latest. We have a small window of opportunity, and we need to act now!

Together we are unstoppable!

Alexander Egit

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