plamen dejanoff

Last Word | Plamen Dejanoff | December 2016/January 2017

Sofia-born artist, Plamen Dejanoff lives and works quite comfortably in Vienna

Since 1995, he has exhibited his artwork in galleries, trade fairs and museums around the world, including a solo show at the Belvedere’s 21er Haus in 2015. We asked him what he thinks differentiates the perception of luxury in Vienna with that of other cosmopolitan cities.

In my opinion, Vienna is the most laid back capital city in Europe. On the other hand, or perhaps directly because of this, Vienna has become Europe’s most livable city.By now I have met so many young people who live in Vienna and commute by plane to their weekday jobs in Sofia, Frankfurt, Zürich or Moscow.For me that’s a new dimension of luxury. Meaningful luxury!
(Plamen Dejanoff)


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