For years Renate Brauner has been a key player in the planning and follow-through on Vienna’s Smart City initiative.
She wrote you a letter about how Vienna aims to get smart(er) and what the term “Smart City” even means for the often hailed Capital of “Quality of Life”.


Last Word
© Ingo Pertramer

Dear Readers,

Europe and the city of Vienna in its heart – together we are facing increasingly complex challenges of a rapidly transforming society.

The tasks for the future Vienna are exciting – the population of our federal capital is growing. In the upcoming 25 years the greater area of Vienna will be the home of three million people.

Conserving of resources! Upholding a sustainable modern economy! Providing the best possible education for every child! Protecting our social cohesion! These are the main pillars of our Smart City Strategy.

The goal is to provide the best quality of life for all citizens regardless of their gender, their income or their origin.

There is still a lot to do!

Together we will make it!

Renate Brauner