From our Readers | April 2017

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I read the article about ice-skating on the Alte Donau with great interest. Although I used to ice-skate myself, I have never done it on the Alte Donau. To be honest, I did not even know that it would totally freeze over. After reading your article I would love to test the ice next winter. It was a pleasure to read the piece, which you even concluded on a kind note taking into account the current refugee problem.

Kind regards,
Heinz, Vienna


It was with great interest that I read your March issue on the joys or otherwise of work. What makes a dream job? Impossible to answer. But I believe I spent my working life doing two. First as a journalist and then as a diplomat with dream postings in Vienna and Washington DC.
I am Australian and began on a newspaper in Adelaide. It rarely felt like work, not knowing what was going to happen or where you would end up by day’s end. From police reporting to political correspondent, travelling overseas with Prime Ministers on at least 14 occasions. And in between, in Canada, where I covered an air force base on Vancouver Island and learned how to fly; in Singapore where I helped create that country’s first English-language afternoon paper. So many things over such a short time… And then came my days as a diplomat. Not a “real” diplomat trained in the exclusive snobbery of the corps, but as a ‘ring in journo’ serving as Public Affairs Officer. Arriving in Cold War Vienna in 1985, I was accredited to Austria, the UN, East Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia and Hungary. It was my first posting and I could not have been greener. When I visited Budapest or Belgrade by road, my driver Ted Froehlich would point out who was observing me en route. New in town, I thought it was funny.
It was with all this in mind that I read the February issue on how Vienna remains a spy capital to this day. This and a book about a friend whose father had been spying here for MI6, has prompted me to write my own story: Now happily in retirement in Vienna, I am trying to learn the language. But I am careful who I speak to! Thanks, Metropole!
Brett Bayly, Vienna


It was a very pleasant surprise to see an interview with Nychos on your latest issue! Being involved with art, and more specifically street art in Vienna, I consider him to be one of the best artists of this generation. It is very exciting to see a talented artist that is helping propagate a different and less known side of Austrian culture to the rest of the world featured on Metropole! Good job!

Pedro Henrique de Melo, Vienna, Austria


It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.

Niccolò Machiavelli
Italian historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher, humanist, and writer (1469–1527)

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The Editors
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