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To the Editor

Benjamin Wolf (“No Country for Old Economists,” March 2016) wonders why the Austrian School of Economics “remains unpopular in its land of origin.” The answer is not hard to find. While it is technically true that Mises, Hayek and others felt Government should not interfere with business, Mises, who in 1930 was advising the future Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, argued the Government itself should be overthrown if it threatened free trade. Today on the façade of the Karl-Marx-Hof housing project in Vienna you can still see the bullet and mortar holes from the coup of February 12, 1934 that abolished the First Austrian Republic to replace it with a “corporatist” state. The answer is no further away than a short trip on the U4.

Paul Werner, PhD, DSFS, Editor, WOID  Vienna and New York

To the Editor

The ‘new look’ Metropole is not only strong on content but it is also very good on design and layout. It’s easy to mock graphic designers – if they are good you don’t really notice them – but if they are bad… you do!
You have some great designers and artists.

Steve Patriarca


Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

George Bernard Shaw