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IN RESPONSE TO: “How to … Be an American Refugee in Austria

To the Editor,

Why just Americans? Will they have special treatment? People in the U.K. have been trying to find places in the EU where they can go and remain EU citizens ever since the disastrous Brexit referendum, including Austria. Many here already have cultural, work and other relationships. Such a move is not an easy thing to arrange unless you have family born in the country, and there is a mass of other requirements as well – unless you are a millionaire.

Catherine Butler, Facebook

To the Editor,

What a patronizing load of crap. Navigating the MA 35 is the most depressing, unwelcoming thing in the world. If I, a hard-working, German speaking, tax paying, educated Canadian in Vienna has to leave the country because I don’t fit into an MA35 box (spouse, millionaire, blood relative, special worker), then sure as shit they’re not letting just any Americans in.

Gvven Desjardins, Facebook

To the Editor,

When I came over after the election of 2000, I would
say to people that I was “a political refugee from the land of the free.” I have always been a trend setter.
As always, love.

Mark Long, Facebook

IN RESPONSE TO: “How to … Leave the World Behind

To the Editor,
If you truly care about the ones that will be left behind, it’s necessary to take care of your “exit” too.

Eva Maria Riess, Facebook

To the Editor,

I came across an edition of Metropole on my boss’s desk, and I was intrigued by it since I rarely come across printed media in the English language here in Vienna. I had happened upon an issue which focused on classical music and concerts in Vienna. I must say it was a well written issue, nonetheless I was relieved when I saw that November’s issue dealt with a wider range of other issues. Thankfully this reminded me that Vienna is not all about strings and chords! I fully share the author’s views in “Vienna Necropolis,” I too was mesmerized by the atmosphere at Zentralfriedhof, and I will make it a point to visit it during different seasons of the year!

Alberta Borg, Malta

To the Editor,

Amazing interview with Hermann Nitsch! I think I would’ve enjoyed just the energy, conversation, and courtyard peacocks as much as concrete discussions around art.

Craig Allan, Facebook


The future rewards those who press on. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain. I’m going to press on.

Barack Obama
outgoing President of the United States of America (Sept. 24, 2011)

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