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IN RESPONSE TO: “Ambassador to Vienna’s Vacationists

It was rather disappointing to read Mr. Kettner’s criticism of Prague, especially given his position as “Ambassador to Vacationists.” Vienna is not Prague, and Prague is not Vienna. One city spent almost three decades in the tourism darkness; the other utilized its geopolitical position to spend those years keeping its Imperial image polished for visitors. One city sprinted into modernity; one city luxuriated in its traditional ways, with positive and negative “fates” befalling both. The need to compare seems unnecessary.
I do wonder if Mr. Kettner has been to Prague recently, however, because his statement, “There are no normal shops, not even luxury stores” seems off the mark. Pařížská Ul. is Vienna’s Golden Quarter; and The Palladium at Namesti Republicky has three levels of “normal” stores like Top Shop, Marks & Spencer, Bata, Etam, and more.
Where I do agree with Mr. Kettner is that cities like Prague and Vienna, provide people the opportunity to go against the mainstream yet “maintain the freedom” of tradition. When we desire a modern weekend of shopping, we catch a train to Prague. When circumstances keep us in Vienna for the weekend, we reorient ourselves toward the traditional.
Worry not, Mr. Kettner, Vienna will never become Prague, and Prague will never become Vienna. And that’s a good thing.

ViennaResident, online

IN RESPONSE TO: “Struggle and Streif

The article ‘Struggle and Streif’ by Christian Cummins in your January 2017 issue was a wild ride from start to finish. Reading about the Hahnenkamm Race gave me a whole new appreciation for the talent, athletics, and sheer bravery of world-class skiiers. I get a bit nervous thinking about driving 140 km/h; to hear of skiiers hurling themselves down a mountain at that speed with the risk of career (a very lucrative career no less) ending injuries a millisecond of indecision away gave me anxiety!
I must also applaud Mr. Cummins’ writing prowess. As a Canadian ex-pat, Mr. Cummins’ writing brought me right back to my youth where I spent many hours enjoying outdoor winter sports with a hot drink and good friends. He even managed to capture the “oh, that’s got to hurt” attitude that most crowds bring to such events (let’s be honest, that’s what the majority of hockey fans came to see). Thank you again for the great article. At the bare minimum, it reminded me why I’m scared of skiing!

Eric Beaupre, Vienna


Your article on the Streif was a good introduction to an icon in Austria’s favorite sport of skiing. I appreciated that you highlighted not just the glory, but the guts of it as well. Sports across the board are pushing for faster, higher, harder, often at the expense of the athletes. As spectators, we have a responsibility to support our athletes, and that includes recognizing the limits of the human body. Let’s celebrate their successes, not watch them get helicoptered off to a hospital. When we do, we all win.
Jessica Bufford, Vienna


I’m a new reader to Metropole due to a friend who currently writes for you. But since she has started writing for your online magazine I have realized how helpful this magazine is. I love that I can find topics from how to fit in more as an American in Vienna to being able to find more great food and drink spots. And it is especially helpful since it is all in English.
I love being able to peruse the articles that pique my interest or tell a friend or my fiancé about something interesting that we could do this weekend. I would recommend your online magazine to anyone new to Vienna who is feeling a bit lost and needs some guidance.

Natalie Kendig, Vienna


There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re ­spying on me through my phone’ anymore. ­Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me’.

Philipp K. Dick
Science fiction writer (1928-1982)

The Editors
The Editors
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