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To the Editor,

Your magazine was recommended to me by a very dear friend. First, I wasn’t sure what to expect but now I love it. It’s a great idea to have an Austrian magazine in English. With it, more people can discover Vienna with all its sights and the little enjoyments this beautiful city has to offer. In particular I wanted to point out the cool graphics that you guys use. A colleague of mine saw Metropole on my desk and already wanted to read it. So I lent it to him. Keep up the good work!

Julia Seidl, Vienna

To the Editor,

I found the little tips to go greener in our everyday life in How to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint very interesting. To go further, I would like to recommend to all Metropole’s readers the tool Treeday – online in English and German – where you can find environmentally friendly restaurants, hotels and other industries in your neighborhood.

Agnès Chanut, Vienna

To the Editor,

Philipp Requat’s nuanced analysis of the Brexit debate reminded me that just five decades after Charles de Gaulle blocked Britain from entering the burgeoning European community, in some sense the roles have now been reversed.
The island that came “tardy to the party” is now firmly rooted in Europe. Yes, Britain was once considered an “awkward partner” in the formation of European integration. But the Franco-German alliance has come to accept and embrace Britain’s unique role in the EU. Will the British shake their ambivalence in time to recognize that Britain needs Europe just as much as Europe needs Britain?

Laura Kropiunigg, Vienna


I’ve made some great mistakes in my life, but, you know, they were honest mistakes.

Henry Rollins
American singer, actor and author