From our Readers | July/August 2017

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(In response to the Metropole Journalism Championships with The American International School Vienna)
What a triumph this is! So well done! My vote shall remain secret, but my admiration for all that you’ve helped these kids accomplish is plentiful. What a treat for them, and for us.Thanks again for the idea, the follow-through, and the great results!

Gray Jones, Teacher at the American International School, Vienna


(In response to “Theresa May Rolls the Electoral Dice”, MET May, 2017) Gosh, I hope that the European Commission is not relying on Legrain to advise on British politics! No British prime minister is ever elected except as an MP. It’s a feature of the British constitution that a change of PM doesn’t require an election. James Callaghan, John Major, Gordon Brown? And what on earth is English Nationalism? There must be plenty of potential writers on U.K. politics who are better informed?

Steve Patriarca, Facebook comment

(In response to “Grinning from Beer to Beer”, MET blog)
Well done, you’ve really covered all the top places! For a bit of history, I’d like to mention the Nussdorfer Brauerei, which was there when the term “craft beer” was totally unknown. Once an incredibly popular place, it went through troubled times before closing altogether.
Still, I will always remember fondly their Bierschnitzel, St. Thomas beer, and, of course, Sir Henry’s Stout.
The building is still there (two minutes walk from the “D” tram stop “Nussdorf”), and though it’s rapidly falling apart, one can still see the salt, pepper and branded beer mats through the murky windows.
Oplan Stripsl, website comment

(In response to “Boy Wonder”, MET June, 2017) Kurz is to be respected as a politician, and is undoubtedly talented, but this article is little more than Oasch-kissing.

Marcus Wenzl, website comment

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

Benjamin Disraeli
British statesman, journalist and author (1804–1881)

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