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To the Editor,

Bravo Metropole for presenting both sides of growing up a third culture kid! Even though there are clear advantages to this lifestyle, an identity based on frequent displacement and quick adaptation can also be ostracizing and stressful. Therefore, international schools must find the balance between celebrating differences and promoting integration with the local culture.

Pedro Henrique de Melo, Vienna

To the Editor,

In the April How To Keep Your Culture the link for cricket in Vienna should be viennacricketclub.com. The Vienna Cricket and Football Club (VCFC – www.vienna-cricket.at) was originally a cricket club in the late 19th century. [VCFC now offers primarily tennis and track – Ed.] The current Vienna Cricket Club – the oldest surviving club – was founded in 1975.

Michael Bailey, Vienna

To the Editor,

I always appreciate a great article on Graz. The city is a gem. However, in It’s Easy Being Green, there’s one hot spot that was not mentioned: Frankowitsch, a delicatessen with Brötchen that put all others to shame. Don’t let the upper-crust crowd fool you, the open-faced sandwiches are delicious, and range anywhere from 2-4 Euros. A Pfiff always washes it down perfectly.

Katherine Mawdsley, Vienna

To the Editor,


And a step backward, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction.

Kurt Vonnegut, American Author

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