From our Readers | October 2015

For our first issue we have taken the liberty of creating “letters” from recent conversations and experiences highlighted in METROPOLE’s focus groups. Names have (obviously) been changed.


Why is everything closed on Sunday? I work a 50-hour week and literally have no chance to make it to the store with these ridiculous opening hours! Back home I can go get what I need at three in the morning if I want to. Why don’t they have pharmacies that are open all the time? What if I have heart burn and I need new shaving cream and deodorant on a Sunday afternoon? How come I can’t buy those in the same place?
Workaholic Wilbur

We hear you! You can find some tips for coping in our life-hacks section. For example, there are several apps and websites that will make your life a lot easier.


I love saying hello to people, but whenever I ask the cashiers how they are, they seem mortally offended. What am I doing wrong? Last week I asked the cashier “Wie geht’s” like we learned in my German class the day before, and all she responded with was a death stare and asked if I had their silly customer card. How rude! To add insult to injury I had to pack my own bag and do it at lighting speed on a shelf smaller than my kitchen counter! How do they expect you to get everything packed up so fast!?
Jovial Jill

After a year, we guarantee that when you go home for a visit you will be equally perturbed by everyone’s concern about your health at the grocery store as you are about the Viennese cashier’s rudeness now.


Why do the Viennese seem so upset about so many things when the city has the highest quality of life? What gives? Since running errands is out of the question, I love being able to relax on Sunday. I almost have no choice but to go hiking in the Vienna Woods. However, the Viennese I meet always have something to complain about, and it baffles me!
Chill Bill

As Mark Twain said, “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Don’t believe everything the studies say about Vienna. Click here for the first of a six-part series exploring what makes Vienna great, but also its shortcomings.


I am looking forward to Metropole being the foothold that I need to find events and things going on in English. Lately it has been really easy to just hang out with my English-speaking friends and go the same bars week in and week out. I am excited to finally burst my expat bubble and go out into the city.
Acclimatizing Alicia

We’re happy to know that we are inspiring you to have a Mutausbruch, or a flash of courage, as they say, and explore Vienna beyond your regular haunts. On pages 50–59 we have more events and we look forward to seeing you at our next monthly Metropole Salon.


Last week I spent far too long in the beer section, agonizing over what my choice in booze would say about me at this party I was invited to. Thank you for helping me out with your awesome beer list online! Keep ’em comin’.
Party Peter

You’re welcome. We’re glad we could aid you in your moment of need. Check our website for more
advice on making the most out of your social life, and let us know what you want to see more of!



“If the world ends one day, I will move to Vienna, because everything happens there 50 years later.”

– Gustav Mahler

The Editors
This was written by the Metropole editorial Team. Sometimes its an expat, sometimes a native, most of the time the lines are blurred, and sometimes we're sharing someone else's content, but we always say so. Oh yeah, and buy our magazine! Thanks.

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