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To the Editor,

I do travel across Austria quite a lot and it’s nice to see a new issue at railway shops anywhere you go! Then I can be sure to spend some quality time during the trip, enjoying articles about the country which has so much to offer and always keeps one surprised in a good way. I never thought that the Austrian economic environment would provide such fruitful soil for entrepreneurs – now I will for sure dig more into the topic! P.S. I also find the design outlines very convenient for the reader, in many other contemporary publications the layout is often too experimental.

Yana Prosvirova, Vienna

To the Editor,

Pardon me for gumming up the debate, but I nearly became unglued over this big
flap and can’t hold my tongue. I hope the Austrian people will adhere to their core principles and stick together to solve this sticky situation with premium paste, and not just flap their gums. Much importance is attached to this glue glitch. Tack down the problem and cement an election date! Call in Donald Trump to negotiate a deal that can be signed, sealed and delivered before national bonds break due to pushing the envelope too far. If Gluegate hearings are held, cling to the truth: Election Official – “Mr. Glue, explain your relationship with Ms. Envelope.” Mr. Glue – “I did not have adhesive relations with Ms. Envelope!” Ms. Envelope? – “My lips are sealed.”

Arthur Anderson, Vienna


Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom.

William Jordan
American medievalist and author