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From: @simonpkelly:

@metropole_vie just bought your -December/January issue. It’s a great addition to the English speaking world of Vienna and beyond.

From: @ YaelOss

Very happy to see the growth of independent, English-speaking media in Vienna and Austria. Proud subscriber of @metropole_vie

Great to hear you found us! We are excited to be a new addition to Vienna’s English speaking media landscape.





150 Years Old But Still A Wonder

Roxanne Powell shares 15 secrets about Vienna’s iconic Ringstrasse.



Sharon Alley’s comment: Fascinating article about the Ring Strasse we all so enjoy in so many ways!

Dear Ms. Alley,

The Ringstraße is full of surprises, even for those of us who have lived here for a year or more. METROPOLE plans to bring readers more fun facts and history about Vienna on Facebook and in the issues to come.


Lauri Vuorela’s comment:

To the Editor,

Bored as I was, I just grabbed the latest METROPOLE from the shelf and bouncing back and forth between the articles ended up reading the whole thing. Solid, interesting, well-written stuff.

Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for a job well done!

Dear Mr. Vuorela,

Thank you for your kind words. The best compliment is when METROPOLE has drawn someone in from start to finish. We hope this current issue will entertain and inform you, and keep your boredom at bay.


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