LGBTQ+ Support Groups in Vienna

It is important to know you are not alone. The following are a list of groups, organizations, regular meetings and communities that support LGBTI+ in Vienna and Austria.

Violence is Never Ok!

Violence is Never Ok! Is an information resource for children and juveniles on domestic violence. You will learn about where to get help if you’ve experienced it, how to deal with emotions. 

  • German, English, and Turkish. 

Homosexuelle Initiative Wien (HOSI)

HOSI is Austria’s oldest lesbian and gay support organization. Their work includes advocacy and lobbying, alongside support during coming-out process and in cases of discrimination based on a persons sexual orientation. HOSI also provides a community center which functions as a point of contact for the community and information on homosexuality.

  • They have information and consultations available in German and English.
  • Please find links for questions and answers on homosexuality, coming-out and terms.
  • Address: Heumühlgasse 14/1, 1040 Vienna
  • You can email HOSI using the form on this page.

Queer Base

Queer Base supports any LGBTIQ who have fled to or relocated to Austria due to sexual or identity-based discrimination in your country of origin. They offer consultations on legal issues, social support systems, networking, community building and more.

  • They have information and consultations available in German, Persian, French, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian Ukrainian and Arabic.


Trans-Austria is a community for trans-identity and intersexuality. With membership, they provide advice on medicine, psycho-therapy, and legal support. They also have information, literature and interviews available to their community.

  • You can email or book appointments with their team at this link.

Advice Center Courage

Advice Center Courage is for individuals, partners, and families to discuss issues such as sexuality, relationships, same sex ways of life, transgender and trans-identity issues, violence and sexual harassment and more.

Their counseling sessions are free of charge and held anonymously.

  • By phone: 01/5856966
  • By email:
  • Languages supported: English, French, German, Turkish, Italian, BKS

Emotions Anonymous

Emotions Anonymous is a 12 step group, with the goal of supporting people with emotional issues. The meetings are primarily held with and for homosexual men. They hold regular meetings with the express objective of improving emotional health. The sessions are primarily held in German.

  • Sessions are held every Tuesday at 5pm at Barthgasse 5 in Vienna’s third district. You can ring the door called AA.
  • German


Family Counselling (familienberatung) offers free, anonymous consultation on divorce, separation, education, sexuality, couples’ conflict, psychological problems, family violence, pregnancy. Family Counseling also provides counseling centers if your children, friends or students are involved in religious extremism and the Austrian Youth Portal as a service for young people between 12 and 26. They provide services in English and can be reached Monday to Thursday from 9:00-15:00.

  • Call: 0800240262
  • German and English

Men’s Counseling Center

Männerberatungsstellen offers psychological, psychotherapeutic, social and legal help, alongside information and training on different topics men are coping with. 

  • In Vienna, they can be reached at 01-603282828
  • For other regions, see here

If you’re looking for an English-speaking psychologist or therapist, you can use the advanced search options at psyonline.

Corona hotline

Corona hotline  Austria’s Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection provides a 24-hour hotline for questions about support, travel, working and more. For questions about transmission, symptoms and prevention you can reach the Austria Agency for Health and Food Safety at 0800 555 621. For general health consultations, you can reach 1450.

Forum for the re-empowerment of women facing relationship abuse re-empowerment offers discussion groups and informational resources.

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