Illustrating the World of an Autistic Child in Life, Animated

An intimate story of an autistic boy changed by Disney movies.

A plea for the astounding powers of moving pictures, the documentary Life, Animated follows the life of Owen, son of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind, who at the age of three abruptly stops talking. Doctors diagnosed autism, but all standard therapies fail. Eventually, Owen finds relief in the “magic kingdom,” relating to the world via Walt Disney films. The fictional scenes and dialogues of The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Dumbo become his templates for decrypting – and reconnecting with – a profoundly perplexing world.

AcademyAaward winning director Roger Ross Williams captures Owen’s inner turmoil poignantly, illustrated by expressive animations blended with Disney film clips, interviews and home movie footage. What emerges is a deeply touching case study of a family fighting against all odds. A double Sundance winner, the -Austrian premiere of will be attended by Ron Suskind.

Starts Jun 1, Filmcasino


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