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Shopping for Jewellery and Gems in Vienna

This November, we look into baubles and embellishments, from precious gems to contemporary textile and metal hybrids


Austrian jewelry designer Anna Singer opened up her first shop in Vienna with the goal of bringing her delicate creations to the masses. With her intricate designs, industrial know-how and her understanding of the contemporary jewelry market, she has managed to expand her company to five stores including ones in Munich, London and New York. Still, each shop has a personal feel and each collection feels familiar and intimate. To this day, each piece is created in the label’s workshop in the heart of Vienna. The brand embodies Anna Singer’s message of love, happiness and hope through the form of each piece. Especially, her ring designs, have made their way into our hearts.

1., Seilergasse 19 1., Kohlmarkt 11



In a collaboration of two of Vienna’s most inspiring designers, Christiane Gruber of Awareness & Consciousness and Sonja Bischur, this jewelry line combines the input from Christiane’s love for jersey and the delicate designs by Sonja.

© Awarness and Consciousness with Sonja Bischur

The collection represents parts of two worlds, thereby reflecting the intricacies of their friendship. Christiane started her brand Awareness & Consciousness in 2005 and incorporated hand-dyed fabrics into her unconventional jersey and silk designs. Through her work, she met Sonja, who has been in the business for over two decades, blurring the lines between fashion and jewelry design with impeccable craftsmanship and high-end materials that allow the wearer to mix and match at will. You can find all the designs and the collection of Awareness &Consciousness in the heart of the 7th district where there is always time to shop.

7., Lindengasse 25

awarenessandconsciousness.com / sonjabischur.com


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Jewelry has been an integral part of human culture since the dawn of civilization. It has served various purposes and today it acts as an accessory to enhance our appearance and highlight certain features. But also it speaks to our emotional bonds. Think wedding rings and tokens of friendship or affiliation.

For the third time, the artform will be celebrated in Vienna at an event called Wiener Schmucktage, highlighting national and international jewelry collections by talented designers. Objects range from objectified art to upcycling and recycling. The event is accompanied by workshops, breakfast round tables with the artists and guided tours through the venerable halls of MAK. This is a wonderful chance to dive deep into the world of jewels and precious metals and meet the great minds behind these art pieces. You can even learn how to create your own baubles! Don’t miss your chance and get over to MAK between November 7 and 12.

1., MAK – Stubenring 5


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